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Review: Alcatel One Touch 993D

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  • robbiefowler

    This is a very poor review. In fact calling it a review is an insult to the word review. Nothing about the the android version, how is the battery life, screen quality… Cant run “fancy high-end applications”?!?!. WTF?

    “killing all the apps and clearing the task manager is something you must do on a regular basis”. Author mentions this when talking about the 1Ghz chip. Isnt killing apps via the task manager is a ram issue?

    The last I heard, this was a tech site.

  • Lol

    =_=… i kinda lol’ed at reading robbie comments…feels like he’s an upset alcatel seller/maker or something. but true true, the review was a bit lack for saying that you’ve been playing with them. more like you played around a few minutes and write the review. but good enough for me, since i was looking to buy a good dual sim phone, guess there’s no great buy yet for a dual sim phone other than the grand.

  • Jason

    I agree with the person above. This is a horrible review. You left out some information stuff such as battery, screen, how the dual sim function works in details and so on. Look at GSM Arena or Phonearena for some inspiration.

  • axl

    @robbie nobody read lowyat portal for review anyway… he’s just testing if anybody’s listening