First Look: Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit DC3217BY – A Desktop PC That Fits On Your Hand

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  1. Cron Lam says:

    Look like compress the notebook PC in the box!! Nothing special wor..

  2. kaoru says:

    yeah nothing special , seems like a phone is smaller with better specs

    1. cracksys says:

      lol. that is one shitty comment.

      you can’t compare mobile phone processor with full fledge processor used in notebook/pc.

    2. soket says:

      can ur phone run crysis?

      1. Joedpa82 says:

        Come on dude. If this runs on intel hd graphics we wont be seeing crysis3 or 2.

      2. aku says:

        maybe it can run NFS Most wanted… 😉

  3. bugijun says:

    how much does it cost? been searching for a suitable htpc candidate…

  4. Norrafi says:

    They saying “I’ve just become even more impressed with this little box”

  5. For those that asked: the RRP for Intel NUC DC3217BY kit in Malaysia is between RM 1,799 to RM 1,899, according to Intel Malaysia.

    1. teelim says:

      WTF?! Might as well get a Mac Mini. True Story…

  6. ijan says:

    At RM1799-1899, basic kit, zero nothing, it is seriously overpriced, but a new tech nonetheless. Wont be seeing buyers anytime soon, u can get a better spec-ed fully functioning notebook with such a price or an AIO for the same price of kit+critical parts.

  7. bugijun says:

    the price is without ram and h/d right? kinda expensive….like that i have to fork out 2k+ to get the system running…

  8. Eric says:

    Whats the differences compare to mac mini? Except Mac Mini has a complete set.

  9. RAY says:

    Redesign Mini Desktop, nothing special. It just the another overprice stuff with 1799++!!!

  10. aaronpang says:

    Wow reminds me of a raspi except much bigger with powerful CPU…

    Still for HTPC use RM1.7k is steep. I’ll give this a pass…

    1. joedpa82 says:

      me too. with 1700 i can build myself a good pc to play rad games at medium setting even crysis 2.

      if this was priced at half the price i would totally recommend it.

  11. bert says:

    fyi 1799 – 1899 is the one with Thunderbolt. There will be another one without but is with dual HDMI that is cheaper around 1400~1500. RRP includes wifi, ram and msata.

    Also there will be a celeron unit which is of course cheaper, rumor is i5 and i7 units coming soon too.

  12. felixthewhatever says:

    What the fu*k is this piece of ugly sh!t??? Don’t they have a designer for a prettier box just like a Mac Mini? We have this so-called “NUC” eight years ago, it is called APPLE MAC MINI.

  13. lele says:

    If the price is rm1799 which dont include ram, storage, wifi, better u buy mac mini all included with lion os all u need is display, mouse keyboard

  14. joedpa82 says: pricing it at 1799 with a 1.8GHz Intel Core i3-3271U dual-core processor isn’t intel digging itself a grave. the better choice at that price would be a mac mini.

    This is the basic mac mini specs at RM1899.

    2.5GHz Mac mini
    2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
    4GB memory
    500GB hard drive1
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    OS X Mountain Lion

    has rams, hdd and a power cord.


  15. alex386 says:

    Is it similar with acer revo? Running windows 8 and using i3.

  16. junkio says:

    You can get the NUC under 1.2K, but after add the RAM, SSD & Wifi card, the total cost will be over 1.8K as well. Not worth it.

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