Unconfirmed: The Next iPhone To Be The Low-Cost iPhone 5C?

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  1. Kevin Lee says:

    C for cheap

    1. kurangak says:

      or crap

  2. Kevin Teh says:

    C for cook, lol

  3. Kayro says:

    iPhone 4 much better design than this cheap looking iPhone 5C.. huh..

  4. highbury1913 says:

    Knowing the way the public love their iPhones, I see two sets of people gobbling these phones up:

    -2nd phones for current iPhone users
    -Mid-tier phone buyers thinking they’re getting an iphone for a price of a mini, etc.

    This would hurt Samsung and Sony a lot as these brands have a lot of mid-tier devices out there.

    Nokia though will live on as the Asha series will be further down the price bracket.

    My money is on something in the region of RM1399 for this. And it will run a dual-core that was run on a previous iPhone.

  5. e1 says:

    …it will be great to have such economic smartphone, I personally will get one.

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