Cheat Sheet: The HTC One Mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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  1. John says:

    s4mini resolution is incorrect, 540×960

  2. Amein says:

    HTC One mini used SLCD 2 or S LCD 3??????

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      That’s an interesting one.

      Engadget (and pretty much every other publication except for The Verge and GSMarena) lists it as S-LCD 3.

      GSMarena puts it as S-LCD 2, while The Verge only states the display as Super LCD.

      I’ll update the post if it is confirmed as S-LCD 2.


  3. hello.lowyat says:

    i thought S4 mini 540 x 960 pixels, 4.3 inches (~256 ppi pixel density)?

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Yup, I got it wrong. Fixed 🙂

  4. Fred says:

    How come HTC One mini didn’t have micro sd slot? Same old, same old.

    1. Feroreso says:

      nothing weird, since the big brother HTC One also dont have any slot for SD.

  5. Victor says:

    Given the choice, I’d go with HTC One Mini. Performance is one thing, but the feel of the phone plays a big part in my purchase preference, if the feel of these 2 phones is the same as their big brothers, HTC bags this for me. I remember picking up the One and my head goes, “Dang, this is the most solid-feeling phone in a long time.” It feels classy, expensive and solid. Picked up the S4 and it feels…cheap. Like I swear if I hold it tightly, I might crack the body or something. HTC One Mini FTW.

    1. htcfag says:

      u must be a htc faggot

    2. Victor says:

      Attention to htcfag, check the dictionary for the word: preference. Well, since I’m a nice guy, here are some definitions from Merriam-Webster: the act of preferring, one that is preferred, the act, fact, or principle of giving advantages to some over others. My preference, given the choice between a S4 mini or a One Mini, my personal preference goes to One Mini. Oh and by choosing One Mini doesn’t make me a HTC fanatic, please, no, they produced some shitty phones in the market and I’d pick a Note 2 for a large display phone. Now, by me choosing the One Mini over the S4 mini makes me a faggot (which by definition means gay, in case shallow-minded users like you didn’t know), wouldn’t that make you Samsung’s version of it? Burns doesn’t it. Get yourself some aloe vera and apply it on your burnt area. =)

      P.S: Please, do expand your vocabulary and your thinking (if you have a brain, that is. But given your reply, you have one but you just don’t know how to use it!). Companies releases phones to sell, giving buyers extra options to consider, what’s the problem? Hell, there’s no companies on Earth that sells absolutely problem-free products. HTC, Apple, Samsung, they all have their fair share of crap, whether it is sooner or later.

      P,S.2: Long live the 3310! Signing off, Victor.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini i9195 available at Lowyat Plaza? and if so, how much do the prices range from?

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