Unboxed: The Pebble Smartwatch – Kickstarter Edition

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  1. John Tan says:

    I backed a white Pebble because 1) I wanted to get it early to develop apps. 2) I wanted the white one. After a lengthy delay, I still haven’t gotten my watch. In the meantime, other backers have been complaining endlessly of poor communication and support. To the extent of any non-positive comments being deleted from Pebble’s social media outlets. And now, it turns out that instead of finishing up the colored watches, they have been making watches for Best Buy, so that they can launch it at retail ahead of fulfilling kickstarter orders and preorders from their own site.

    Was very excited initially about this project, now want nothing to do with this product and this shameless company.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Man, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I would be really turned off if I was you too… I think this is the problem with a lot of Kickstarter projects as well! I know some people who haven’t gotten their pebbles yet and they ordered the Red and Jet Blacks. This isn’t limited to just the Pebble as I’ve heard some horror stories from the table top game section (which I browse). I agree that Pebble should have focused on fulfilling ALL their backers rather than just “selling out” and getting ready for Best Buy release. Anyway I hope you get your watch soon and all else fails, you could probably hock it off on our Buy/Sell threads =)

  2. Moxie15 says:

    I’m one of the Pebble kickstarter early birds, (Jetblack). Received my Kickstarter edition on 11th Mar 2013. Lovin it! I’ve funded 3 successful projects, 1 more project i backed, 25 days to closing.

  3. Moxie15 says:

    I’m one of the early birds to fund this, received my limited Kickstarter edition on 11th March 2013. Lovin it!

  4. cockario1 says:

    why all links to this pebbel is directing to umobile? cheap publicity? increasing counts? what?????

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Hi there!

      I’m afraid I don’t know what is the problem you are describing. I’ve double checked the links in the post and they are ok. I think you’ve clicked the sides that are part of the site wrap which does direct you to U MObile. =)

  5. Josh Brancek says:

    Wow, that watch looks awesome!!!

  6. forgot_86 says:

    Too bad pebble watch will only enjoy a temporarily hype I’m afraid.
    Sony Smartwatch 2 and iWatch looks very promising. Niche to their own market, android and apple, With Samsung probably joining the smartwatch game soon, Pebble will have a hard time competing with these big players.
    WAS a great idea nonetheless

  7. Dave says:

    I don’t think the Pebble will last once all the other smart watches hit the market – it will soon be outclassed …..

  8. dina says:

    Cool to see pebble can be customize. Maybe then it look a bit fresher..

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