PlayStation App Can Let You Delete PS5 Games While It Is In Sleep Mode

Sony Interactive Entertainment has made its PlayStation app a lot more involved in the gaming experience. And with the latest update, it will allow you to manage your PS5 storage. This can be done while the console is turned on, or in sleep mode.

This feature comes as part of version 21.4 of the PlayStation app. With it, you get remote storage management of your PS5. And it looks like the feature extends to any USB drive connected to it as well. And from there, you can delete anything that’s installed to free up space, without even touching the console.


Though as mentioned, the PS5 cannot be completely turned off for this to work. But if it’s turned on or in sleep mode, then you can clear up space for the console remotely. If it is in sleep mode, it turns on momentarily to do the deleting, then goes back into sleep mode.

This is definitely an added convenience for PS5 owners. This will allow you to remotely clear up space, and then download new games to the console. Of course, not many people can say they have the luxury of owning one. But if you’re among the lucky ones, all you need to do is update the PlayStation app, and maybe relink your console to it if you don’t see the option at first.

(Source: Android Police. Image: PlayStation / YouTube)

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