Celcom Suffers Nationwide Voice Network Outage Due to “Troubled Network Upgrade”

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  • Mohammad Hafiz

    mine totaly got no LINE. What part of data services not affected.

    • FIST

      if you’re on LTE, then data should still be available. 2G and 3G no service

      • wong

        Tat means msc got issue as 4G service can bypass msc

    • Yuma

      Only 4G data is functioning right now. Other service was interrupted, but lol I still can make watsapp call.

  • user99999

    celcom network seems on and off alternately. as for data, one moment ok, another moment not ok. friends may have it ok, but other may not have it ok.

  • Abu.Salimah

    didn’t notice. i rarely use actual voice calls nowadays, since instant messaging apps can make calls. currently my whatsapp still runs ok.
    i’m on tune talk and on 4G, location: KLCC area

    • Yuma

      4G network is not affected, only 3G and calling service interrupted. Me too, 4G at KL works fine. Didn’t even know that their calling service is down though. lol

  • David Macdonald Ajang

    Well, I haven’t been able to use Celcom data line since Friday.

    • user99999

      change your preferred network to 3g if 4 not ok, and vice versa. else you need to call them or use their online cs chat to request reset network.

  • palgo47

    And celcom wants to roll out 5G..Topkek