Everything You Need To Know About myFreeview Digital TV in Malaysia

myFreeview Launch

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  • Calvin Tam

    Br1m reciever: thank you tax payer for buying me a dttv decoder…
    mytv: thank you pm for making us 400million richer…

  • eclectice

    For Smart TV with built-in DVB-T2 tuner, just perform the digital scan but make sure you have connected a UHF antenna to your TV.

  • AL

    Free stuff are always a welcome but why now? i mean why not sooner.. why not in 2016 for example? since analogue broadcast system will be deactivated in 2018 kinda rushing to replace in 2017 does it not?

    Ohh wait.. i know! GE is coming soon.. if I’m not mistaken haha. Joke aside..

    why need a whole new decoder thingy.. i mean Astro been around for a while now.. why not just subsidies or a Free Decoder from Astro? or some kind of deal/business/package with Astro… since its limited channel (TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9, TV AlHijrah, TVi, and Bernama News Channel) where Astro have this already.. right? aka.. i feel this kinda a waste of $$$

    • David Lee

      Why want to pay money to assteruk?

      • AL

        True.. but most house.. even in the village house seem to have Astro Disk sticking out haha

        why not use existing Infra? as Chief Chapree say Astro have NJOI

    • Well, think of it this way: myFreeview is not a subscription service, still terrestrial TV, it just a migration from old technology to new technology. The decoder is just an enabler, for TVs that doesn’t have built-in DVB-T2 tuner.

      Astro is diff business model, diff technology. That being said, they do have NJOI though.

      • AL

        Even thou myFreeview is not a subscription service.. to the lucky ones who get this.. they will need to subscript to some form of Internet provider. I dont know 4mbps will cut it thou haha. The old tech basically free.. now u need to pay extra on Internet.

        YES.. Yes i forgot about NJOI.. Astro have this since 2012? (cant remember).. why not use this instead? haha

        • Internet? Oh no, they don’t have to. myFreeview is not Internet TV, it still uses the common UHF antenna. The Internet connection is for future interactive services – one need MYTV Advance decoder since it has LAN port. The free decoder doesn’t come with LAN port.

          As for why government didn’t go with NJOI, I personally don’t know why but imho, Astro is a private entity with profit as its goal while myFreeview is a national project (despite being run by a private company) to modernize the infra. Furthermore, the government doesn’t own Measat satellites.

          • AL

            Ahh Sorry.. my mistake it seem.. about the internet part

            NJOI feel kinda not fully utilize by the government then.. it was a collaboration with the government and Astro to begin with. Emm..

  • Hazwan Yagami Nizar

    You got dedak, I got dedak, everyone got dedak!!

    pity malaysian..