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Xiaomi CEO: Mi Mix Successor Is in the Works

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  • Bryan low

    hugo is leaving if not has left xiaomi. So y use his pictures still?

    • blackout

      what do you expect from someone who just copy paste without understanding? lol

      • Bryan low

        Well fundamental sense of responsibility?

        And you know what’s the funny thing, zero mentions of barra in the said article. So let’s just say we are living in this parallel universe where barra is still in xiaomi, WHY USE HIS PICTURE WHEN THERE IS NO MENTION OF HIM IN THE ARTICLE.

        Sorry my keyboard raged.

    • I think that is from previous launch.

      • Bryan low

        bruh really?

    • user99999

      pic tangkap muat.

  • Khairul Ikmal Zainudin

    better make it bezel less at the bottom though. can use on screen navi button.
    top side still need to hold more important things imo. like selfie cam, notifi light, & speakers.