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Samsung Reportedly Announcing Galaxy S8’s Release Date in MWC 2017; S8 Plus Seemingly Confirmed Too

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  • user99999

    how s8 plus relate to SM-G955FZKDINS?

  • ahmad queshal

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  • phillyundead

    There’s a 90% chance I’ll be skipping the s8 if they really did remove the home button in favor of space consuming software navigation keys. Especially if they put the fingerprint scanner on the back. Even if it’s not in the obnoxious, awkward spot the leaks claim, it’s still annoying. Rear mounted buttons and FP scanners are the worst. Why would I want to pick my phone up every single time I need to unlock it? Why did Samsung supposedly try to force people to use the issue ridden iris scanner when FP has finally become mainstream and we’ll supported? Why take such an unpopular, annoying risk after screwing over a lot of your fans already with the note7? Hopefully the leaks are BS but that seems to never be the case anymore.

    • Chip

      Kinda hope to get settle down with S8 after Note7 got taken away. Looks like I got to keep looking.

      I wonder how Samsung Pay gonna work with FP at the back.

    • Motoyama

      Finger print at the rear is the best. When you dig it out of your pocket, it’s the natural position. Having it in front is simply bad design. Beside, you can have multi way to unlock besides the scanner button. Also very excited about the 6.2″ screen, with the curved edges, it will probably be same as typical 6″ screen which is the perfect size!!!
      What i am not excited is another bloatware called Bixby. Samsung should just give it up on the software front and use all the Google functions and voice assist.

  • Yong Chai

    6.2″ @.@
    Oh god, why…??

    • Phelix Pun

      it’s gonna be the standard size of note only for the phone itself, the screen it’s huge~

  • Nicholas Wong

    I hope the phone screen don’t more than 6inch, if more than 6inch the phone become Galaxy TAB already.
    And i don’t think very flexible for some user, especially blue employee..