HMD Global Announces the Nokia 6 Android Smartphone

Nokia 6

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  • Dark_Knight

    Da Fuq , why is it using a 430 chip set and charging a price of 1.1k. Even xiaomi Redmi note 4 , is built with full metal constructions , and will be using the latest snapdragon 6xx series will still cost less then rm 1000. The Mi5 has the same specifications in terms of display , and cost at around Rm 1 ,300 , but uses Snapdragon 820.

    Even though this is exclusive for the Chinese market , how much more of a difference will it make for international market.

    • Kenneth Tan

      Redmi note 4 use Helio X20, there are no snapdragon version of redmi note 4.

      • David Lee

        And Helio X20 can run circles around the 6xx series.

  • chunster

    What is the use of having Dolby Atmos support. Are you going to be connecting 8 speakers to the phone?

    • Kenneth Tan

      Atmospheric surround sound. For mobile, it required at least 2 stereo speakers.

      More explanation:

      • chunster

        Thanks for the link. Gotta hear it to believe it. With headphones I can ‘picture’ it. However I really doubt you’ll get the Atmos effect from the two internal speakers.

  • Nicholas Cheong

    snapdragon 430??? u gotta be kidding….

  • Ahmad Afiq

    marketing dept sohai ke apa

  • Thortilla

    All the best using the 430 to power that camera.

  • Nouda

    Snapdragon 430 ahhahahahahahhaha. RIP Nokia again

  • MatSan

    SD430-powered phone pretty much DoA for 2017 mid-ranger. They got to learn a thing or two from Asus.

    @Admin: Can we have a facepalm reaction emoji for articles?

    • racistmalaysian

      Asus Zenfone 3 Laser is also using SD430. I guess they really learn from Asus. But there’s people in Asus Zenfone thread that bought the Zenfone 3 Laser and he feel proud.

  • carnby77

    These people never learn…..blackberry deja vu anyone?

  • tom2tommy

    Aiyaa the processor is really disappointing..

  • Charles Chin

    Whats the point of beating a dead horse?

  • DC

    Exynos BigSmall Arch chipset or NO TALK !!