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Lowyat.NET 2015 Community Choice Awards: Here Are The Winners!

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  1. Emimarson says:

    Peoples still think that iPhone has the best camera, it’s user interface is simple and auto mode is good enough, Samsung and Sony who were playing catch up games 2 years ago are the winners undoubtedly.

    I hope I can win this, I never won any lucky prize before, this could be my 30th Jan birthday present.

    1. HackMachine says:

      ya all of those phones produced great images, but only iPhone has the consistency of producing the same and quality image in my opinion.

  2. Ahmad Sobirin Yaaqub says:

    From iphone 6 to note 5 to z5 premium. the most and easy to use yet still the iphone. note 5 cons by limiting user to 32gb version only much hassle in storage, my storage full after 1 weeks+, i used a lot for picture and tranfer video from gopro. z5 premium rear camera at its best, but front camera quality is as good as 2012; samsung note 5 improve much more than sony which really dissapoint me. plus sony z5 premium heat which cause phone to stop recording at 1080 60fps in not more than 5 minutes, not to mention its camera apps crashes lot more than samsung. and if youre using for whatsapp; taking picture and didnt close properly it will block you from opening camera apps. software not final but yet released to user. overall, i’ll go with apple. its really is easy, simple to use, and im using 128gb model.

  3. Athlete says:

    so for razer, what can be bragged and highlight in their product is just their fancy LED? LOL… what a shame razer.

    While Logitech despite being 2nd place in the “BEST GAMING PRODUCT”, they are the one that came out with ACTUAL gaming peripheral which function really good and have decent quality. keep up the good work Logitech!

    1. amirsyazwan says:

      Razer is cool and swag.
      Their marketing is the best hands down.
      Looks is more important than function.

    2. GameSky says:

      Agree on that… come on..razer?

    3. coolcool says:

      hey hey hey steelseries

    4. Big Guy says:

      Razer is crap, but winning the “best gaming brand” award doesn’t mean anything, considering products marketed towards gamers tend to be overpriced, have terrible QC, and have the aesthetics of a 12 year old.

      That said, I would personally vote for Zowie.

    5. Simon Cheong says:

      Logitech does really well with their mice and keyboard and is better than most Razer peripherals but it does say BEST GAMING PRODUCT, doesn’t really define what a “gaming product” might be. It could also be a laptop per se. Razer in my opinion won with their new Blade laptops.

  4. kzm says:

    Maxis even though bash left right front back still win..

  5. David Lee says:

    People vote for Surface 4 despite the lock down hardware (secure boot cannot turn off) and shitty Windows store (no music, no movies)? Why?

    1. Steve K says:

      a full fledged windows. and being really good at running it.

  6. Airyl says:

    Did they vote the iPhone 6S Plus for best camera? Really?

  7. Chris SKC says:

    Finally, which is your choice of Story of the Year?
    1. Mr 2.6b donations & his family lavish life
    2. 1mdb,dpm get sacked,kevin morais & ag get sacked saga

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