U Mobile Introduces New Power Prepaid with Free Basic Internet, Free 1GB High-Speed Internet and 450Mins Free Calls Every Month, & More

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  1. Cyrus says:

    i just converted my prepaid to postpaid U28 1 week ago…

    1. Aniki says:

      good choice cos u got 3GB of data instead of 1GB~

  2. Emimarson says:

    -Free 450 minutes within same network every month.
    -5 sen/30 seconds = 10 sen/minutes
    -Free basic internet.
    Hmm, not bad.

    Wait, top up at least RM10 to get 1GB high speed internet, FOR FREE!?!?
    Which mean for only RM10, I can get RM10 talktime + 1GB internet + Free basic internet!!!

    Awesome U Mobile!!!

    1. steve168 says:

      Its never RM10, its need to keep your account active for enjoying it for 30 days

      1. Diss-illusions says:

        Nope. It is RM10 AFTER the first top up as the 1GB free internet has 30 days validity which is independent of the talktime top up.

      2. Ikd DKi says:

        High speed Internet validity is separated from airtime validity.
        Top up RM10, enjoy 1 month Internet but ofc you can only call within 1 week after top up. Just top up RM10 when you want to call.
        This package will be attractive to Internet savy users.

        Note that Celcom tie down airtime validity with Internet. If your airtime is invalid, even if it’s 1st day you renew Internet plan, you can’t access Internet.

  3. Edward Chong says:

    What happens to those who are already U Mobile Prepaid users? Does this applies to us as well or do we have to get a new number?

    1. Emimarson says:

      Will be auto applied to existing U Mobile Prepaid just like U28.

    2. steve168 says:

      you can switch from 1st August with the expense of RM3

  4. Jason Tan says:

    the photo IS from zing gadget,I’m not own this photo

  5. Phelix Pun says:

    thanks u mobile for being pilot to offer real telco price in Malaysia!!

    1. Ultimate7 says:


  6. InfoO2 says:

    Dont have 2x validity…….

    1. Aniki says:

      got, refer to my reply on Day 15 till Day 34 with RM10 top up

      1. InfoO2 says:

        So if I topup 100, I get 200 days? What about the free internet? Will it renew without reload in these 200 day?

        1. Aniki says:

          sorry, according to the T&C for Power Prepaid Plan, the validity is 1x value of the top up amount

          1. YonG says:

            Hi, just need more clarification about the plan. When the account in day 14 and day 34, which is in passive status, can I still use my 1GB DATA?

          2. Aniki says:

            passive can’t use at all, you need to top up to become active again in order to use the free data, phone call and sms.

  7. Ainol Tab says:

    You still need to pay RM1 daily to stay active, same like other telcos.

    1. InfoO2 says:

      But free 1GB data per 30 days….

    2. Aniki says:

      U Mobile is RM1 = 2 active days, then passive for 60 days

      1. Aniki says:

        sorry, just saw the T&C, the validity is 1x value of your top up amount.

        1. InfoO2 says:

          Ya haha

          Active period depends on the top up amount. Eg. RM1 = 1 day or RM30 = 30 days.

          * Promo is valid for limited time only. Register by 31 Dec 2015 to enjoy FREE 1GB every month for life.

          ** FREE calls are 15 mins daily following active period.

          1. Aniki says:

            yup, but existing New Prepaid Plan is still 2x validity of the top up amount. anyway i will try on my 2nd account which is non active. when it’s going to expired on 5 September, i will top up RM2 to active and switch with RM3 and try the free 200MB for the 1st 10 days and then top up another RM10 to activate the service. Then i will top up another RM10 after 69 days and see whether the 1GB still there or not. anyway the 1GB is promote till end of this year, so i can easily switch the plan easily before decide to go for the long term if it doesn’t work as per the chart. “They really give us confusion when they post the chart!”

          2. InfoO2 says:

            Let’s see there is 2x validity~

  8. luqman_98 says:

    Way better than Magic Sim & #Hotlink.

  9. rizal zabidi says:

    is it 64kbps sufficent for browsing,whatsapp, facebook?..I thinks maybe they can considered 128kbps, just my 2 cent.

    1. InfoO2 says:

      Free 1GB data la bro

  10. Confused says:, on 4th day topup RM10, dont have 1GB data, it is only given on 15th day, which is SECOND time RM10 top up is done. On day 34, line is NOT active anymore, BUT, dataline is still active.
    I am confused.

  11. Thomas Tan says:

    According to the F&Q…. one must stay active to enjoy the free 1GB internet, which basically means that we must top up at least RM30 monthly to utilise the ‘privilege’ without interruption.

  12. Aniki says:

    For those who worried about the “active” “passive” “void internet free for life”, please refer to the chart below and you will realise you don’t need to top up RM30/month~

    1. Aniki says:

      sorry, just saw the T&C, the validity is 1x value of your top up amount. as for the statement “In order to enjoy using free 1GB high speed internet, ensure your account is stay active throughout the service duration”, i will try use my 2nd non-active account to switch to the new power prepaid plan on 1st August with just RM3, and check whether still can enjoy 1GB free internet after every 69 days when i top up another RM10 or not.

  13. valen1666 says:

    been using for several days now the internet is damm slow even when they say 1gb fast internet, my place dont hv 4g but H+ should get 5mb at least speed test my one can even reach 0.5mb on speedtest thought maybe they capped or something i applied for 1day pass rm2 100mb fast internet also same cant even use FB conclusion my area Umobile suck max i guess(my area Taiping BTW), UMobile u need really step up ur game really disappointing u cant keep ur promise lol………….

  14. Codename_Snake says:

    Can someone tell me about the 3G/4G coverage, heard that it is separated from the main Maxis facilities.

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