Google Allo Review: A Smart Messaging App that Still Lags Behind Competition

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  1. vez says:

    google wave, buzz, plus… etc… google have some products came out late thatn others… they have gtalk then hangout now allo… all looks similar but yet unable to make it one together… is too late…. even you have plenty of cash to splash…

  2. timein says:

    no web version, no thx. if allo is not moving fast enough to catch up with the competition, it’s a waste of resource and time.

  3. ZyD says:

    Whatsapp already have gif supported as well. allo need to catchup fast..

  4. kw says:

    can’t download yet

  5. Ng Teck Kuan says:

    Allo doesn’t support backup chat history… Some people really need it

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