Ubuntu Fails To Reach 200 Million Users By End 2015 Goal

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  • xproc

    ubuntu, can eat ka?

  • FIST

    make it easy to install like windows, then you’ll get more users

  • Tirta Adi

    late years ubuntu desktop became worse, it’s so slow for low end spec

  • Motoyama

    I was an early adopter many years ago…even got a free CD shipped to me directly from South Africa…..unfortunate, Ubuntu like most Linux variant, still lacks that single corporation push to make it mainstream. It will be at best a hobbyist choice. Mainstream consumer users has no reasons to change to this.

  • Without full support for some programs and office programs, I don’t think it will reach 200M user by next year too. Lack of compatibility with windows games and programs make it worst even with the help of steam client and gog. At least browsing experience still better than windows counterpart

  • zzzxtreme

    1) no unified audio standard – no adopters from music recording industry/users
    2) no support from adobe/dxo/etc – no adopters from photographers/creative industry
    3) businesses rely too much on microsoft office
    4) cheap microsoft msdn subscription – great productivity and development tools