Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 5, the Greatest Note Yet

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  1. uat88 says:

    Wah… not bad. But sounds like not much improvement on the camera department.
    Also no MicroSD card support, non user-replaceable battery and no 128GB version is bad move from Samsung. Anyway, just launch it here fast and make it cheap too.
    Why didn’t it offer a Note 5 with dual Edge screen.. time will tell whether it’s the right or wrong move.

    1. Daniel Ng says:

      I remember reading that for the dual-sim slot u can put one sim and another slot use as sdcard slot. hope that is true. just wonder if it will be water proof since having non-removable battery

    2. Airyl says:

      Seems like a pretty good device. I’ve seem some hardcore fans of the Note series feeling pretty unhappy about this device, but it’s pretty good for the average consumer.

  2. Sleepy Dizzy says:

    looks like a copy of iPhone to me… I don’t think these minor changes will encourage people to buy this device…. You should just stick to an SD card support, Replaceable Battery… you’re killing your own market… I have a note 2 and it works fine for me…

  3. Damien Penang says:

    Non replaceable battery… no SD Card slot??? Hmm…I’ll stick to Note 4. Thanks, but no thanks!

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