Confirmed: GST Will Not be Charged for Prepaid Reloads, But On Usage

Prepaid Reload Malaysia
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  1. Matchy says:

    Not sure how they are going to charge GST on those 1 sen SMS…

    1. huiqing88 says:

      1 cent become 2 cents, settled.
      Telco happy, Government happy.

  2. hayrol says:

    So, should we call them “Penipu Scammer”?

  3. blawn i asian says:

    LPPL. End up they round up those 0.6c and end up with more.
    Only thing they don’t charge gst is international roaming and call

  4. Kian Tee says:

    Malaysian telcos already enjoy virtually free spectrum from the government and have the faaaatest operating profit margin(ard 45-50% for Digi and Maxis) in the world, apa lagi telco mau?

  5. Malaysiaku says:

    rakyat is not stupid. still 6% charged. if previously RM10 will get you 1000 worth of sms, now you will only get to send 943 sms. cheating? i think so. cheated? government doesn’t think so.

  6. Ongtk says:

    What a spin! Government and telcos thinking Prepaid users for suckers or what? Whichever way you look at it, GST is charged.

  7. somebodynicho says:

    to all who voted for bend, thank you.

  8. Aminuel says:

    Who Vote This Tapir.. -_-

  9. InfoO2 says:

    Telco never have problem even the implementation of GST, god dam it

  10. Nicholas Teh says:

    Why our minister so stupid one. At the end also charge 6%, why not pay 6% on top of reload card. At the end, like other mentioned, round up and gov. and telco earn more. Idiot.

  11. Xing Lim says:

    So let me get this straight:
    Option 1: Pay RM 10.60, receive RM 10 credit
    Option 2: Pay RM 10.00, receive RM 9.43 credit
    Option 3: Pay RM 10.00, receive RM 10 credit, but phone and SMS use will include the 6% tax. (e.g. RM 0.12 per minute call is now RM 0.1272 per min)

    I’m not a mathematical genuis like Nur Fitri, but doesn’t all options above point out that there’s still GST on prepaid services? So at the end of the day, there’ll be no exemption (or zero rated) in GST on prepaid.

    *Please feel free to correct me if i’m mistaken*

  12. YUser says:

    Call rate: RM0.10 / min.
    Call 1 minute: RM0.10 + GST 6% = RM0.106 –> round off to RM0.11
    just like interbank transfer service charge RM0.10 + 6% = RM0.11
    become 10% GST wtf

    1. Eason47 says:

      Yes, imagine RM100 top-up are all spent on RM0.10 call / sms…
      The total GST charged in this example would be RM10…

      I can see only one point on why they are implementing this:
      1. to benefit people who top-up their phone, just to receive call or sms…


  13. LohLohLoh says:

    This is Ahmad Maslan explanation?

  14. Imza Ukgnet says:

    Different name for same animal?

  15. telco want to earn, government also want to ear. die la consumers

  16. gsforlife says:

    con job

  17. Peter says:

    Consumer will has BIGGEST lost.

    Imagine, if we reload (with GST) before the new plan take effect but didn’t finish the credit so it will carry forward to the month where new plan take effect.

    Any call make with the new plan with previous credit will have to pay GST again!!! So it will be double TAX. What a ‘GOOD’ plan.

  18. #Vincent says:

    this all called “wayang” and running on long episode… but yet just wasting everyone time.

  19. krip says:

    Ridiculous! … It becomes more expensive.

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