Ninetology’s Z1T Mid-Range LTE Smartphone Specs Revealed

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  1. xperiaDROID says:

    It’s 2014 already and this is your first LTE smartphone? Poor Ninetology, can’t even make a decent flagship so you made a half baked mid range? Poor Ninetology.

  2. Chee Khuan Tan says:

    I think they already work hard as a local mobile company, jz way too hard to compete with strong opponent, especially those company from China.

    1. LOL says:

      yup,i thinks so too, lets imagine if we all,malaysian support ninetology,then we,malaysia may have a international mobile brand,good right?
      if ninetology phone has better design and build quality,i sure support them,since these day mid-low range handset has poor software support,and the hardware is almost same,just slightly different

  3. hugah says:

    still jellybean. ur older model also never upgraded to newer version of android. no way im going to spend 500+ for this phone.

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