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DiGi Introduces Weekly Mobile Internet for its Prepaid Customers, From as low as RM3 a Week

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  • Pennyworth

    Don’t get me wrong, I like how they’re making internet access more affordable for users, but I do miss Digi’s old policy where one flat price covers all.

    I usually have network services turned off on my phone to avoid background services/sync or whatever eating up my credit. So, if I choose the RM3 plan, would background services be charged at the pay-as-you-use rate? If I receive a message from LINE (provided I’m able to receive them in the first place), would that be charged separately as well? The FAQ didn’t mention anything about them.

    Guess I won’t be touching the RM3 plan until I’m bothered enough to contact customer support with my questions heh.

    • DiGi Telecommunications

      Dear Pennyworth,

      Thank you for your interest in our product offerings 🙂

      We wish to clarify that there will be no Pay As You Use (PAYU) charges as long as you are subscribed to the Weekly RM3 internet plan for our DiGi Prepaid.

      However, only the applications officially listed above will work under this package. Due to this, all other applications requiring background data might not work properly (including LINE). You may consider subscribing to one of our other available data packages to enjoy the full capabilities of your device and other applications that you might have.

      Should you require further clarification on any DiGi products or services, you may contact us directly via our Facebook or Twitter page.

      • Pennyworth

        Wow, didn’t expect a Digi representative would reply here! Thank you for the clarification 🙂

  • Aran Perumal

    I really like this plan, affordable. tq. as I am on android, I really like to push and use google homegrown services like g+ and hangout, because its well adopt their own ecosystem, its been long time I ditch every app listed above. hope DIGI will bring G+/ hangout app.

  • Aran Perumal

    I will switching to this plan ASAP.

  • alex

    I am using ur smart plan prepaid..after my quota finished, i only allowed to use whatsapp.the problem is, my blackberry q10 battery drained really fast.usually it can last around 16 hours. but with only whatsapp allowed, my battery drained in 6 hours.my phone getting so hot..

  • Macy

    RM3 with 0MB quota? I wonder if watching youtube or any videos in FB or Opera Mini, will it still allow me to play the video?

  • donfire

    I subscrbe weekly rm3 and my speed is at high speed,i can see youtube at very high speed,whats wrong with it,i thought it should be very slow.