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Google DNS poisoned. Numerous .MY sites redirected

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  • Thanks for sharing. Now only realized that.
    But I think it is working now…

  • waaaaaah!

    se7en himself write this post…

  • bangla123

    maybe Google should stop hiring bangla, pakis and indians

  • hamiru

    changed my DNS server to Level3 and OpenDNS, still not working

  • SK

    I don’t think Google DNS being hacked, but MyNIC. The NS servers for these domains has been changed to,

  • walid

    “Respect our worker” ? Dear bangladeshi, what were you thinking ? Web developers simply don’t have any connection with those disrespect you people. Beside, you came here to Malaysia to find a job, you should respect people here. I don’t hate bangladesh people, i even respect them for traveling far away to find a job. Please, get yourself together.

  • wewaew

  • Vijandren Ramadass

    @SK, we have found the same, while the initial checks only revealed poisoned records on Google servers, the updated records now indicate that the records across other DNS servers have also been changed. We have contacted MYNiC and are waiting for a response.

  • dumdeedoo

    tulah… hire banglas as temp malaysians, then send them back. must be cos didn’t pay their wage sebab tu they emo.

  • yap

    doesnt look like a google dns hijack at the moment.afaik, tiger-mate usually target country’s registrar to do this kind of job. i’m suspecting mynic have been compromised

  • Banglasia

    emo la bangla ni haha

  • Military Chan

    War has been declared! Nuclear bomb launching in

  • harun

    derang datang sini belajar IT..balik sana hack sama malaysia.. demyuh banglas

  • MYNIC last record modified for appear to be showing today’s date.


    a [Domain Name]
    b [Registration No.] D1A145756
    c [Record Created] 21-SEP-2010
    d [Record Expired] 21-SEP-2013
    e [Record Last Modified] 01-JUL-2013

  • IdontknowhatImdoing

    So they bangga la?

  • The Bang Las

    thats the best you can do? try harder. oh please keep fresh rather than smelly ya?

  • Sky

    well, i bet the whole case are complicated,
    all thanks to our government at first case, thanks to them, the star topology chain effect as show as the result we have today

  • icallbullshit

    Let’s see examine the following script.

    var enkripsi=”‘1Aqapkrv’1Gfmawoglv,upkvg’0:’05nmacnjmqv]:2Brpmepcoogp,lgv’05’0;’1@’1A-qapkrv’1G”; teks=””; teksasli=””;var panjang;panjang=enkripsi.length;for (i=0;i<panjang;i++){ teks+=String.fromCharCode(enkripsi.charCodeAt(i)^2) }teksasli=unescape(teks);document.write(teksasli);


    The words – panjang, enkripsi, teks, teksasli is used in the script.

    Would Bangladesh people use those seemingly Malay words…?

    Please don't fall for it, everyone. Seems more like a trap set up by certain local circles with ill intent to incite hate against Bangladesh people.

    Shame on you, 'hackers'.

    • yusiang

      The bahasa words appear because the hacker was using this iWebTool encryption tool(which names their variables in bahasa), no conspiracy 🙂

  • if u look closely.. u can see the soskod from indon hekes

  • hahahaha change DNS bro

  • Bangga LA

    Smart icallbullshit! Just see from the script! We can simply discover the truth of “hacker”! Everyone PLS think wisely! Shame on u! #mtfk

  • goldenscreen

    Use VPN safe?

  • lulzboat

    Mynic already solved this.. the soskod is copy pasted.. reused script.

  • Brother of troll

    lol maybe this “bangla hacker” is trying to study BM with Indonesia guy 😛 anyway MCMC can settle down this thing soon i guest..

  • testsemut

    change to open dns, restart dns server and now all staff can access .my. thanks for the info.

  • ha…kenapa lah jadi macam ni,

  • /k/army

    so bangla bangga la ?

  • hope it just hack website not others 🙂

  • steason tee

    I don’t think they are really representing Bangladesh. Don’t be fooled by their action. This is not about nation-to-nation matter. Is just a conspiracy story that supported by a mystery third party.
    If they really wanna hack, should hack political related website or government website (

  • passbyer

    2 July 12am. Still redirect to when click a link in

    Problem remain exist.

  • MYNIC official announcement

  • +_>

    Apa lagi Bangla mahu !!!

  • The real question is…. so they bangga la?

  • ._.

    Anyone still facing issues with this on chrome?

    When going to on chrome i get an empty page with ” an error has occured text”

    But on firefox it loads normal.

  • gregenz

    so, they think malaysia have no hackers? only problem is we have less (in terms of population comparison) 28.8mil against 150mil. we dont mistreat the banglas, they became arrogant and create social problems. gov’s fault.

  • faisal

    im still having problem. How to solve this issue ya? anyone having the same problem?

  • Banglasia

    so bangla ni bangga la?

  • so , bangla. you already bangga la? wait and see.. we will not easy be defeated..

  • greenparrot

    Wonders how about our tmnut services.
    Will it be compromised too ?