Surprise, Surprise! Samsung to Drop Plans for Aluminium Chassis for Galaxy Note III…Because it Increases Production Time

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  1. trollnino says:

    s4 ? oops outdate

  2. zork says:

    Samsung motto: profit first.. customer satisfaction second

  3. Zander says:

    Samsung don’t care bout the quality. What important to them is sales.

  4. truman6 says:

    Why do they need to care bout quality since people treat Samsung like THE ONLY ANDROID phone available in this world…which is y never bought a samsung since Samsung SGH-600 & dats like million of years ago..

  5. Vinod says:

    Because God forbade Samsung from making phones with decent build quality.

  6. Jie says:

    HTC One is better than Samsung GS4 hands down no matter built quality , sound system , camera , etc and with the same specs but yet some samsung fags are just too stupid to admit . tsk tsk tsk

  7. yakuza1_44 says:

    Yaa…agree…I own note 2 from Samsung.The left home button got some led leak n bad spen sensivity on right panel.What the poor quality result from them. In before, I ady saw note 3 on market for clone…bad quality n too many clone on this product that samsung doesnt care…

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