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Emagine – a New IPTV Service is in Town

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  • Teh

    Any information regarding the price of the device ?

  • weitek

    This is very misleading,”Emagine connects you to over 200 handpicked online channels across multiple categories”. Their webpage didn’t list down the list of channels that Emagine can connect to. I bet what it means is that it can connect to Youtube, Vimeo and other video streaming website and that is it. If it doesn’t have ESPN, HBO, TVB channels, how could it actually replace Astro? and by the way is this an advertorial?

  • joedpa82

    whats the advantages of buying this thing?

  • KB

    price ???

  • cashique

    haven’t seen it for myself but unless they offer some premium subscription service for under RM50 a month, its gonna fail miserably. There are already quite a number of IPTV set top boxes in the market. And for USD7.99 a month, you could be watching stuff off Netflix (with some crafty VPN tunneling of course).

  • qwe

    This is more like HTPC/Nettop rather than IPTV. They do not have their own channel.

  • Vijandren Ramadass

    RM399 according to lazada. No this is not an advertorial. Its a press release. We have not seen the actual unit itself either, so you’ll have to wait for us to get one for a comprehensive review of what it can and cannot do.

  • isketambola

    I’ve bought it..true, it’s more like htpc..one thing i notice is you can watch HD youtube videos without the annoying ads like on pc..grooveshark also available which is my favourite feature of the device..

    • shadowblack

      How about the channel with the one that with subscribe? What channel they have?

  • Hey all, thanks for your comments and feedback. And thanks Lowyat.net for sharing this.

    I’m James, the Chief EMAGINEER and I apologise in advance if our communications so far have not been as clear as it can be. We have updated our FAQs and Channel listing, so you can have a look here if you like 🙂

    Channel listing: http://www.emagine.my/what-is-emagine/

    qwe is absolutely right – we are not a traditional IPTV service, our focus to provide a better experience of online entertainment for the TV, designed for a lean-back experience. It’s more similar to Apple TV in that way, but with HD Media Playback capabilities, video playlist and channel management feature and more. We are not meant to replace ASTRO or HyppTV, but rather to complete the living room TV experience by providing a custom-designed alternative to hooking up a PC or Laptop to the TV, and offer a different experience with unique features compared to existing SMART TV and set-top-box based YouTube applications. It’s also a quick way to get your TV connected without a SMART TV too.

    One very good question was asked on our Facebook too, which is “How is EMAGINE different from Apple TV, Roku and Boxee?” If you’re interested in the answer, please have a look here too:

    I may not be checking back here often (I will if I can but things are crazy busy here at EMAGINE at the moment) but I do monitor and answer questions on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/MyEMAGINE), so please drop us a note on the wall (this way when we answer others can see the answer too and comment if they like) if you have any questions ya?

    Thanks 🙂



    PS btw our video link changed so that could be the reason it’s no longer embedded on this post. The new link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGMo2TiZTng&feature=youtu.be

  • Jeffrey wong

    I like to subscribe to your service. My mobile number 0193821165

  • Felixwcf

    No ESPN, NO STARS NO NATGEO WILD NO DISCOVERY CHANNEL, NO DISNEY CHANNEL… ALL THE GARBAGE CHANNELS…. and you said it can replace Astro? WAO… I’m not surprise because it CAN’T REPLACE THE DAMN EXPENSIVE ASTRO package as IT IS A BN crony broadcast company… We’re like living in a third world country..

  • unite2005

    Anyone who want to watch via TV with all these: ESPN, NATGEO, DISCOVERY, HK DRAMAS, TW DRAMAS, KR DRAMAS etc (not using computer and it’s not links), please reach me via: unite2005@gmail.com. No monthly fee is needed.