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Star S1 Smartphone, the First Android Smartphone with the Most Affordable Price

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  • Drew

    A samsung? I’m confused. That looks exactly like one

  • Eu Gene

    is this even a legal copy of Note II? with only little changes like the location of the buttons … OMG !! Chapalang China product ah?

  • hebat

    “Be a trend which cannot be halted” ?????

    What’s that supposed to mean??

  • Sonic

    they gonna get sued liao , got imitation barricade on this pic . lol

  • Paskal

    Haha truly direct copy of Note 2. Well what can you say for a malaysian company that just started its business.. had to “rebrand” Chinese made phones for profit.

  • kaihnsn

    ahh malaysia company always good at rebranding cheapo China droid phone. there are lot of this S3 wannabe in the market such as MyTec. So this is the Note2 wannabe ehh.

  • Look at the bright side

    well its a cheap approach to introduce android smart phone to old ppl…1 note 2 can get 2 of this…perfect for mom n dad….

  • zork

    when will malaysian companies ever learn

  • robot

    definitely china rebranded, well the price is ok…

  • Does this fone have a “wifi-hotspot” function. I wouldn’t call it a good fone if it don’t have that function. Ninetology black pearl 2 for example.. 2 sim vs wifi-hotspot.. which one u guys care the most..

  • Naik

    Clone phone?? What a shame.. Copying others..

  • HDC

    battery capacity might say 2800mah which looks big, but with previous china clones, the battery life is just bad. suspect 2800mah might be a fake number.

  • david

    what makes it even shameful is that the article got into the front page of lyn. shame on you on promoting copycat product.

  • Think Simple

    lot of things made in China, since the manufacturing cost are more cheaper. Even you buy bracelet at Marks & Spencer in London, still the bracelet made in China.

  • Airyl

    You guys never thought about the CSL Switch Mercury and it’s Snapdragon S4 dual core processor for RM799? That should be featured, not this!

  • Mj

    Anyone bought this?

  • I respect them bro ! They took alot of courage to make this AFFORDABLE PHONE ! Not like the overprice samsung .. Ya Lah ! This is how smartphones should be priced ! Definately going to buy this awsome phone !