Proton Suprima S: The Official Name of Proton Preve Hatchback Confirmed via Test Car Photo - Lowyat.NET

Proton Suprima S: The Official Name of Proton Preve Hatchback Confirmed via Test Car Photo

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  • Fuh…looks sexy….name also ummphh! Sexy….hopefully the quality also as Sexy!

  • haziq

    nice rim

  • fred

    I thought the car name supposely only have 6 characters as per contest “namasiapahebat” T&C but here it shows 7 characters. Need someone to check on this pls.

    • fred: If I’m not mistaken, I believe that contest is meant for another new car scheduled for 2014.

  • ryantham

    Design like turtle

  • truman6

    like turtle anot, still way better than Almera & upcoming mitsubishi attrage…hope they improve proton quality significantly..

  • anon

    they should have named it PREVE S or something similar since it’s the same variant.

  • Jeremy

    I think proton is improving..keep it up..u can change msian perception towards you soon..please dont screw it up.. lol

  • armanddo

    I hope they upgrade and refine the turbo engine, get rid of the whining CVT and mate it with a slick 6-speed manual. Then, I beleive, this car will have a fighting chance in Europe and Australia.

    • Alvin

      Hi Seriously if it can’t make it in its own country you think it will make it oversea. Frankly even if its sell well oversea but its at a loss and don’t forget our income tax money is partly funding it.

  • neomedia

    I read somewhere else (forgot the URL), that proton has improved the ECU.. they also will drop the CFE name and use the Turbo + Handling by Lotus…

  • amry

    amazing design and color type. keep it up, Proton.

  • aanaoana

    Nice design, terrible name.

    • armanddo

      It’s a funny thing that Malaysians didn’t complaint at all when Suzuki came up with Suzuki Cappuchino and Hyundai with their Starex Grand Royale, which is even weirder names than Suprima S. Very double standard lahh…

  • Alvin

    Hi I don’t mind getting one if the price is right, at least it looks decently nice. My only problem with Proton is the after sales service and routine maintenance service. All my Proton cars never break down on me before.

    • armanddo

      Actually, main/vital parts in Proton cars rarely fail, just relatively minor things like power window and some loose clips. They definitely have to improve on this.

  • Jamal

    Try google for word “suprima”. LOL!

  • sobri


  • Suprima

    the Suprima has Ford Fiesta’s shadow….

  • morpheus2929

    i hope the guys at proton picks this up…MORE SEXY CARS!!!

  • Gavin

    Get Jeremy one on and make him like it……then we have a deal 😛

  • WInson

    i will buy Jazz luh~~ =.=