The Lowyat.NET Editorial Team Super Unofficial Best Of 2012: Day 1 – Games!

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  1. Tan says:

    Game of the year: Walking dead the game. It dont just feels like normal game but more of an experience. The voice n comic like graphic is amazing with its multiple decision story. It’s a must play for ppl who really wan to experience living zombie apocalypse city…

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Thanks Tan! I really want to play that! I’ll get on to it during this long break!

    2. PeterTechGuy says:

      I haven’t played the game yet, but I don’t know why people praised it so much. It just looks like Quantum Dream’s games and Jurassic Park: The Game to me.

      With that said I love this kind of game, even though I never like classic adventure games.

  2. xingyi says:

    agree that DOTA 2 as one of the top 2012 games, Valve really did a great job since taking it over and giving it its own platform, huge additions and obvious improvements visually and connection-wise. also, noticed that, pc-exclusive games ftw haha!

  3. goldfries says:

    LOL. Don’t get me started on Diablo III. It’s my most regretful purchase of the year / decade.

    To reach level 60 you need to play the game 3 times over.

    To make another character reach level 60, you have to play it another 3 times (yes, same story and all).

    To make things worse, after 3 rounds you’re probably level 57 unless you hit EVERY SINGLE THING. So go back to do a few more maps because without reaching level 60, no Inferno mode for you.

    Oh reached level 60? Good, you start Inferno and ……… ..DIEEEEE because Level 60 just means level 60. Inferno is GEAR oriented, 100% gear oriented.

    So go back to repeat Hell mode until you have enough money to get decent gear to do Act I on Inferno. Done Act I on Inferno? Good – you can’t pass Act II on Inferno with what you have on Act I.

    😛 Lousy game. There are plenty of other great titles around. Guild Wars 2 for example, would be the best game of the year in my book, totally worth the $$$ spent. Torchlight II is great too!

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