XOX Launches Voopee – Have A Second Phone Number Without Extra SIM Card

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XOX Berhad has announced the XOX-Voopee, a mobile service application that allows smartphone users to have a second mobile number without the need for an additional phone or SIM card. It functions by using a data network to allow VOIP, SMS and IM for no additional charge.

The service claims that the XOX-Vopee app will allow users to receive international calls while in foreign countries without roaming charges. This comes from the fact that it uses mobile data or an existing WiFi connection.

According to XOX Berhad Group CEO, Mr. Ng Kok Heng, Voopee users can also call and text non-Voopee numbers using a dedicated SIM-free mobile number provided by XOX, and will be charged with local call rates which vary for countries.

XOX-Voopee allows the users to maintain their same Malaysian mobile phone number even they need to switch to an international mobile operator SIM when traveling abroad, everything in the same one smartphone.  Jointly developed by a European mobile solution provider and a Malaysian mobile operator, the Voopee service is already in place in several countries such as Singapore, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia.

Currently the app can be downloaded from Google Play and is also ready for use on iOS platforms.  For more information visit

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Nokia Lumia 1320 Now Available from DiGi from RM1,018, Contract Free

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DiGi Nokia Lumia 1320 rm1018

The Nokia Lumia 1320 has finally landed on our shores for a retail price of RM1,199 but if you wish to get it with a telco, DiGi is now offering the device with a contract-free bundle and a slightly subsidized price. All you need to do is sign up for a DG SmartPlan postpaid plan – SmartPlan 58/88/148, and you can purchase the black, white or yellow Nokia Lumia 1320 for only RM1,018.

DiGi Lumia 1320

Do note that “zero contract” still comes with advance payment (waived for DiGi postpaid subscribers of 12 months and above), which will be credited back to you so if you terminate your line before that, the advance payment will be forfeited.

Visit DiGi for more information or to buy it from their Store Online now. If you do not wish to get it from DiGi or do not have a DiGi line, you can also purchase it from our very own for RM1,199. Check out our hand’s on post to find out more about the Nokia Lumia 1320.

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DiGi LTE Is Now Available For iPhone Users Via Latest Carrier Update

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DiGi LTE for iPhone

If you using iPhone with DiGi as your telco, then heads up: there might be a new carrier update for your device. The update apparently will allow users to utilize DiGi’s LTE network on their iPhone.

However, information are rather scarce at this moment as DiGi has yet to make any official announcement regarding its LTE roll out to iPhone even though the telco has officially acknowledged it through Twitter. Furthermore, DiGi’s name has not appeared on Apple’s LTE listing as well.

It is also possible that users might need to change to new SIM card before they are able to access DiGi’s LTE network. As for now, we are waiting for further clarification from DiGi regarding this matter, so we’ll keep you updated once we hear more from the telco. If you already updated your iPhone and are able to tap into DiGi LTE network, do share your speed test results in the comment section.

[Source: @prasys, @DiGi_Telco]

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Moto G Now Available for “Free” from DiGi

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DiGi Moto G Free

The Motorola Moto G is without a doubt one of the best mid-range Android smartphones out there with an affordable price tag and it looks like it’s even more affordable now. DiGi has just started to offer the Moto G with its phone bundle from as low as RM0 when you sign up for a contract with the telco’s postpaid plan.

Available with either DG SmartPlan 58 or SmartPlan 88, the deal ties you up to a 24 months contract. DiGi is offering only the 8GB version, which is currently retailing at RM698.

DiGi Moto G Bundle

The Motorola Moto G has been officially launched in Malaysia since last week and has been on sale since the 21st. If you do not wish to get tied to a contract for two whopping years, you may also purchase it contract-free from Storekini.

Visit DiGi for more information about the bundle and to purchase it via their online store, or check out our previous post for more information about the Motorola Moto G.

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Celcom Now Offering Rose Gold Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Comes with Free Casing and Cheaper Galaxy Gear Bundle

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Celcom Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Promotion Rose Gold

Like it or not, it looks like gold will become a common color option for smartphones this year, Samsung recently announced the arrival of new color options of its Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Rose Gold White, Rose Gold Black, Merlot Red and Blush Pink) and it looks like you can now get the Rose Gold options from Celcom – it even comes with a free Moschino case worth RM189 and a cheaper Galaxy Gear bundle of only RM288.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone bundle is still the same as before, you can sign up for a 12-, 18- or 24-month contract with one of the telco’s Celcom First postpaid plans, and get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from as low as RM1,538.

For those who pick the Rose Gold edition, it will even come with a free Moschino case worth RM189 (redeemable from 28 January 2014). In addition to that, Celcom is offering the Samsung Galaxy Gear (orange) for only RM288 to anyone who sign up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (any color) with any Celcom First and mPro plan at participating outlets; the retail of the smartwatch from Samsung is worth RM999.

This promotion is only valid from now till 28 February 2014 so visit Celcom now for more information. Meanwhile, do check out our telco price comparison for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Celcom, Maxis, DiGi and U Mobile.

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Celcom and DiGi Agrees To Renew Network Collaboration Agreement

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Celcom DiGi

You might not realized it but infrastructure sharing is actually a norm among the players in our industry and judging from the statement from Celcom as well as DiGi for Bursa Malaysia earlier today, it has been working well for them.

In the statement, Celcom and DiGi have agreed to renew their existing infrastructure sharing deal which was originally signed in 2011. Just like the original agreement, this collaboration has now been extended for additional three years starting from 18 January 2014.

Frankly speaking, it is not exactly a surprise since Celcom and DiGi have just recently signed a long-term deal with TM in order to help both telco cater to the increasing demands form their customers. In fact, I believe many would be baffled if Celcom and DiGi didn’t renew their agreement instead since the deal clearly has been beneficial to both parties.

[Source: Bursa Malaysia – 1, 2]

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U Mobile Unveils New Postpaid Plans – Unlimited 50 and Unlimited 80 with “Unlimited” Calls and Internet

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U Mobile New U

It looks like U Mobile is having a very healthy start for the year 2014, on top of new prepaid offerings unveiled about a week ago including a New U Prepaid Plan with free internet and an enhanced UMI plans, the telco also has got something new for postpaid users – new Unlimited 50 and Unlimited 80 that are equipped with Internet and Call Sharing services.

As of 17 January 2014, that’s tomorrow, U Mobile will be replacing its existing U58 and U88 postpaid plans with these new options while still retaining the U28 postpaid plan. Unlimited 50 and Unlimited 80 costs RM50 and RM80 a month respectively, and comes bundled with free high-speed data (4G LTE available), free calls and free SMS as well, with more affordable call rates compared to the old plans.

New U Mobile Postpaid Plans Unlimited 50 and 80

The new Unlimited 50 and Unlimited 80 comes with Internet Sharing feature that allow users to share the same plan with up to three devices (including the principal line) at RM10/SIM. Each additional SIM card will have their individual number that can be used as a 2nd line or act as a Family line.

So what’s new with these postpaid plans compared to the old ones? Hit the break for a comparison, and find out how you can stand a chance to win a pair of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a luxurious holiday stay and more.

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DiGi Now Offering Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE From RM1,059

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DiGi Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE Bundle

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE has been around for quite some time now but if you haven’t already gotten it or feel like trying out this gigantic smartphone that seems to be the bests size for a tablet, here’s something you might be interested in – DiGi is now offering the LTE version of Sony Xperia Z Ultra from as low as RM1,059; the retail price is RM2,199 according to DiGi (it’s listed as RM1,999 on Sony’s Online Store).

Available only in Black, DiGi is offering the phablet with its DG SmartPlan 58/88/148 that comes bundled with free data, calls, SMS and even IDD calls. Do take note though, as with all the other phone bundles from DiGi, it ties you down to a 24 months contract.

DiGi Sony Xperia Z Ultra Plans

Just a friendly reminder, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra LTE was launched in Malaysia in October last year with a retail price of RM2,199 but it looks like Sony has decided to reduce the price. As with 3G version, it’s powered by a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, features a 6.44” Full HD Triluminos display, is IP58-rated for water- and dust-resistance. It has an 8MP rear shooter that unfortunately, is missing a very important feature – LED flash.

Visit DiGi for more information about its Xperia Z Ultra phone bundle that is strangely not available with other telcos, even Celcom.

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Telco Price Comparison: iPad mini with Retina Display from Maxis and Celcom

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Best Casing and Sleeves for iPad mini with Retina Display

Now that Celcom has finally unveiled its iPad mini with Retina Display bundle and that DiGi has removed all traces of iPad mini with Retina Display from its website – it’s not available in the device section and the registration of interest page is gone, here is a price comparison of the only Malaysian telcos to offer the iPad mini at a subsidized price when you sign up for a contract with them – Maxis vs Celcom.

iPad Mini 2 Price ComparisonClick on image for larger version

Maxis recently added SurfMore30 option for its iPad mini with Retina Display bundle although, with LTE on board, I don’t see a reason to settle for a 1GB monthly data plan.Both telcos have pretty similar and pretty competitive price but the main difference between these two telcos, besides the duration of contract, is that Celcom has got more data to offer of up to 10GB; Maxis only offers a maximum of 5GB. While the price plays an important role when making a decision, I guess  the main thing you should be concerned about is definitely be the coverage in the areas you frequent.

Visit Maxis or Celcom for more information about their individual bundles and when you’ve made your decision to buy the iPad mini with Retina Display, find out what’s the best cases you should buy for your new gadget.


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iPad mini with Retina Display Finally Available on Celcom, From RM948

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Celcom iPad Mini with Retina Display

Finally after months of waiting, Celcom has decided to start offering the iPad mini with Retina Display with its bundles, offering the latest 7.9” tablet from Apple from as low as RM948. Celcom is offering the iPad mini with Retina Display with its Celcom First iPad data plan with a 12- or 24-months contract, from as low as RM50 a month.

Celcom iPad Mini with Retina Display Plans

Announced in late October last year, the iPad mini with Retina Display features some major improvement (in its guts at least) compared to the first generation iPad mini, with a Retina Display of 2048 x 1536 pixels and the latest A6 64-bit processor. Available in the usual black and white options, the Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad mini with Retina Display retails at RM1,699, RM2,029, RM2,329 and RM2,679 respectively for the 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB flavors though sadly, local telcos in Malaysia only offers up to 64GB.

While DiGi too teased the iPad mini with Retina Display since late November 2013, the telco has yet to unveil their bundle, making Maxis and Celcom the only two Malaysian carriers to offer the latest iPad mini from Apple, at a subsidized price. Visit Celcom now for more information about its bundle, or check out our previous post to see what Maxis has got to offer.

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DiGi Finally Offering Sony Xperia Z1 with its Phone Bundles, From RM1,199

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DiGi XPeria Z1

This is a bit late but for those who want to get the Sony Xperia Z1 but haven’t already done so already, here’s a new option for you to consider, DiGi is now offering the flagship smartphone from Sony with its phone bundles from as low as RM1,199. Sign up for a 24 months contract with one of the telco’s SmartPlan postpaid plan, and you can purchase the phone at a subsidized price.

DiGi Xperia Z1 Table

Visit DiGi for more information about the bundle. The Sony Xperia Z1 has been out for a couple of months now, since last October to be precise, and is available for purchase at a subsidized price from Celcom, Maxis and U Mobile. Alternatively, if you do not wish to get tied up for up to two years on a contract, you can also purchase it outright for a retail price of RM2,399.

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Hotlink Now Offering 4G LTE with 50% Extra Data with 1GB or 3GB Monthly Internet Pass

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Hotlink 4G LTE

It looks like more prepaid users in Malaysia are finally able to enjoy 4G LTE connectivity, Maxis has recently announced that it is offering 4G LTE for its Hotlink prepaid subscribers and in conjunction with its new offering, the telco is offering up to 50% more data when you sign up for a monthly internet pass of 1GB or 3GB.

If you wish to get 4G on your Hotlink number, all you need to do is swap your current Hotlink SIM card to a 4G SIM card for free, and you’ll be able to browse the internet with speeds of up to 75Mbps, that’s about 10 times more than the maximum speed that 3G offers. You can swap your SIM card at selected Maxis Centers, Maxis Exclusive Partners and Hotlink Dealers. Visit Hotlink to check out where you can swap your SIM card for free. Maxis is currently offering 4G to a lot of places around Malaysia including most areas of Klang Valley, Alor Setar, Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, Seremban, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kota Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Check out Maxis for the full coverage area list.

Apart from Hotlink, U Mobile is also offering LTE to its prepaid subscribers but if you’re not up for the mainstream telcos, MVNO telco Altel also offers 4G LTE to its subscribers and should possibly have a better LTE coverage than U Mobile, which was recently launched and is limited to only 4 main areas in Malaysia.

Hit the break for the details or find out more from Hotlink.

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