Existing UniFi Customers Will Be Able To Upgrade To 30Mbps Package Eventually

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Ashley Khoo UniFi

Apart from revealing several new facts regarding its upcoming Streamyx 1Mbps and UniFi 10Mbps packages, TM has also shed more lights on the new UniFi 30Mbps packages in its response to our recent enquiries. As it turns out, TM has its own reason for quietly launching the trial run and not accepting upgrades from existing customers which became the focus of our inaugural #Dendajar editorial piece yesterday.

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TM To Migrate Existing UniFi VIP 10 Customers To The Cheaper 10Mbps Package This July

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UniFi 10Mbps for RM 179 per month

Truth to be told, our latest round of communications with TM yesterday does not revolved around the upcoming RM 38 1Mbps Streamyx package alone. Right after the revelation of the company’s new UniFi 10Mbps package (shown above) that will be made available to consumers in July, we also asked the company regarding the differences between the newly announced package and the existing Basic VIP 10Mbps package.

Well, the answer that we received might be a good news for some users out there. Read more to find out what it is about.

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TM’s New 1Mbps Streamyx Package Might Be Affordable But Unusable Once It Hits 1GB Cap

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As you able to recall, TM has recently announced a new 1Mbps Streamyx package that will carry a monthly fee of RM 38 which is around 57% lower than existing package. To be available for consumers on 16 June, the new package comes with a data cap of 1GB though – a first for any TM’s fixed line broadband packages.

However, TM didn’t actually mention what will happen to the service once users hit the data cap in its original announcement. Hence, we have reached out to the company for further clarifications and it turns out that the answer is something that you might not have expected.

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#DendaJar: Telekom Malaysia – For Not Offering Seamless Upgrades To UniFi 30Mbps

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Yesterday, we learned that UniFi customers in selected areas throughout the Klang Valley are now able to utilise faster connection speeds of up to 50Mbps with the introduction of new UniFi plans. Not only that, these new packages are slightly cheaper than what consumers are currently paying for their top-of-the-line UniFi packages – which are much slower at 20Mbps.

So, this might be a good opportunity for existing UniFi customers to switch to a faster connection for less. Unfortunately though, that isn’t exactly the story. TM’s latest UniFi plans – or specifically, the terms and conditions that come with these plans – will serve as the first subject for our new segment called “#DendaJar.

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TM Begins To Offer UniFi 30Mbps and 50Mbps To Residential Customers: Costs Less Than Existing 20Mbps [UPDATED]

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HyppTV + UniFi 30Mbps Packages

It appears that TM has quietly begun to offer faster UniFi speed at 30Mbps and 50Mbps for residential customers in selected areas around Klang Valley. Apart from being speedier than the existing maximum speed of 20Mbps, the monthly fees for some of these new residential packages seem to be cheaper than the existing 20Mbps offerings from TM.

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TM To Introduce New UniFi 10Mbps Package This July With Monthly Fee of RM 179

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TM UniFi

As you able to recall, several telco companies and Internet service provider have unveiled their plan to offer more affordable basic broadband packages within the next two months. Among them is TM who will be offering a 1Mbps Streamyx package with 1GB data cap for a monthly fee of RM 38 this coming June.

Interestingly, it turns out that TM will also be launching yet another new broadband package right after that. However, the new package will be under its UniFi high speed broadband service instead.

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Yes Announces Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 edge Bundles

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Yes Galaxy S6

Yes has announced its postpaid bundles for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, which it claims to be the absolutely lowest prices it can afford to charge. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Super Postpaid Plan Bundle will offer the Galaxy S6 for just RM799.

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Prices For Basic Broadband Packages To Start At RM 25 Very Soon

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Basic Broadband Package Announcement

A few weeks ago, we reported that local telco companies have generally agreed to lower down the prices for their broadband packages. However, the exact amount of price reduction was still under wraps until just a few hours ago through the official announcement by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

According to the subsequent press statement from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), the reduction applies to both fixed line and mobile broadband packages. That being said though, the reduction seems to be limited to entry-level broadband packages at the moment.

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Nokia Has Agreed To Buy Alcatel-Lucent For RM61.4 Billion

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Nokia has agreed to buy French competitor Alcatel-Lucent for €15.6 billion; a move that comes barely 24 hours after the two companies said they were in “advanced talks” for a merger. The new combined company will still bear the Nokia name, although it expects to retain the Bell Labs brand from Alcatel for its network R&D activities.

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Nokia And Alcatel-Lucent Confirm Merger Talks

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Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent have confirmed that the two companies are in “advanced talks” and are assessing a full merger. The two companies have have issued the same statement through their respective websites, which implies that Nokia would take over all of Alcatel-Lucent.

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P1 Introduces New “Unlimited” Internet Plans From RM115.54 a Month

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New P1 ToGo Internet Plans

It’s been a while since we heard anything from P1 and it looks like they’re back in action again. The company recently introduced new “unlimited” P1 ToGo Plan plans from as low as RM115.54 a month, inclusive of GST. On top of that, they are also offering the first month for free if you subscribe online.

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Hands-On: HyppTV Everywhere For DiGi Customers

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HyppTV Everywhere for DiGi

In case you missed our earlier report, TM will be announcing HyppTV Everywhere service that is formulated exclusively for DiGi customers on 13 April. However, it turns out that DiGi customers already able to utilize them immediately according to what we have experienced just moments ago.

Not only that, the FAQ on HyppTV Everywhere’s official website has been updated with information regarding HyppTV Everywhere for DiGi customers. Read more below to discover what we’ve learned regarding the service.

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