Razer Now Selling Blade Stealth Notebook For RM 49

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Razer Blade Stealth Paper Notebook

During CES 2016 last month, Razer has launched its thinnest gaming notebook to date that is called Blade Stealth. Fast forward to earlier this week, the company has released yet another Blade Stealth notebook on its webstore that is priced at only RM 49. Before you get too excited though, you might want to read more about it below.

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USB Type-C Reviewer Loses His Chromebook Pixel 2 To Bad Cable

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USB Type C Wrongly Wired

Benson Leung has faced his first sacrifice in his one man crusade against poor USB Type-C cables. The Googler has ended up damaging his Pixel 2 while testing a particularly problematic charging cable bought off Amazon. It turns out that the Surjtech cable was wrongly wired and was also using an incorrect resistor; all of which translated into a laptop with a burnt out USB controller.

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Microsoft Now Labels Windows 10 As A “Recommended” Update

by Nasir Rabik · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 0 views

Windows 10 Malaysian Launch 11

It seems like Microsoft really, really wants its users to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft’s newest operating system is now labelled as a recommended update for users that are still using either Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. This comes to no surprise since the change coincides with Microsoft’s scheduled Windows 10 push, which was highlighted in its blog post last October.

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Vaio Unveils Three New Laptops: The Vaio Z, Z Flip and S

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vaio z flip ed

Vaio has unveiled three new “high-end” laptops that consist of the Vaio Z, Z Flip and S. The Vaio Z Flip is the most premium model while the Vaio Z and S are the standard alternatives. It has already been almost two years since Vaio has parted ways with Sony, and it’s good to see that the brand is still trying to come up with new products.

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Razer Blade Stealth Spotted on SIRIM?

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Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook with Razer Core Graphics Enclosure

Back at CES 2016, Razer has added a new product to its Blade lineup of laptops: the Blade Stealth. Touted as the “ultimate ultrabook,” the Blade Stealth is a very portable laptop that turns into a full-fledged gaming machine once it is connected to the Razer Core. Well, we have spotted a rather interesting laptop on SIRIM, and we have good reasons to believe that it is the Razer Blade Stealth.

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Acer Aspire R14 Convertible with Skylake Now in Malaysia for RM2,899

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We have just been informed by Acer Malaysia that the Aspire R14 convertible laptop has been refreshed in Malaysia. It now comes equipped with a Skylake-based Intel Core i5-6200U processor along with an SSD storage, a change over the previous model‘s slower HDD.

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Chrome Will Get Faster And Use Less Data With New Compression Algorithm

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google-chrome-desktop-mobileThe Google Chrome browser will soon be able to load webpages faster and use less data with the introduction of a new compression algorithm – Brotli. According to Google, the Brotli compression algorithm is an entirely new data format that performs better by packing in more data while still able to decompress at roughly the same speed as other browsers.

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AMD’s Financial Results For 2015 Don’t Look Good

by Nasir Rabik · 3 weeks ago · 12 Comments · 0 views

amd radeon

AMD has announced its fourth quarter and full year financial results for 2015, and it seems that the PC market decline affected the company quite a lot. According to AMD, it ended 2015 with “solid execution” which was reflected with its “double-digit percentage revenue growth” for two straight quarters in 2015. However, it still wasn’t a very good year for AMD.

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Illegear Unveils Its New 14-Inch S4 Gaming Laptop

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Illegear S4 Gaming Laptop

Illegear might have released it rather quietly but the new 14-inch Illegear S4 gaming laptop can be seen as a perfect addition to the company’s S Series which was only available as 15 and 17-inch models previously. While hardware customization options for the S4 are rather limited as compared to its bigger siblings, the new laptop is still packed with serious firepower.

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Huawei P9 Could Come in Four Variants; Huawei Laptop in the Pipeline?

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It has been quite some time ever since the Huawei P8 was introduced, so not surprisingly, rumours regarding its successor have made it onto the Internet. According to a particular report, the Huawei P9 will be available in four variants; the P8 was only available in three different models.

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AMD Calls Out Intel For Using Biased And Unreliable Benchmark

by Nasir Rabik · 3 weeks ago · 11 Comments · 0 views

amd vs intel

CPU manufacturing giant, AMD, has openly accused Intel of using a biased and unreliable benchmarking tool, SYSmark, to describe the performance of Intel’s processors. According to AMD, SYSmark favours Intel processors since the benchmarking software focuses too much on raw performance instead of real-world usage. This alleged software bias is tied to Intel because AMD believes that Intel may have been unfairly collaborating with SYSmark’s developer, BAPCo. 

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Microsoft To Recall Power Cords For Surface Pro 3 And Older, Malaysia Included (UPDATE)

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Computex 2014 - Microsoft Surface Pro 3 22

UPDATE (22 Jan): Eligible Surface owners in Malaysia are now able to obtain their new replacement power cord. More details below. 

UPDATE (410PM): Microsoft Malaysia has confirmed that our market is part of the recall program. Read more for further info.

If you owned a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, we have an alarming news for you: the power cord for your Surface Pro could potentially be a fire hazard. Fret not though as Microsoft will be replacing it for free through a global voluntary recall program.

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