Maxis Is Now Offering 10Mbps Home Broadband at RM 119, 30Mbps Goes for RM 139 - Lowyat.NET

Maxis Is Now Offering 10Mbps Home Broadband at RM 119, 30Mbps Goes for RM 139

MaxisONE Home Broadband Maxperts

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  • Filament

    Gaming on maxis fibre is ok or not?

    • Jason Low

      not stable

      • Filament

        Thanks. What about download experience? Any particular service having difficulties with maxis fibre? Like PlayStation network or torrenting or Netflix streaming etc?

        • forextor

          I am maxis fibre for almost 3 – 4 years already… no problem with netflix/iflix/etc… I torrent very lightly though… I consider myself a ‘responsible’ user… bandwith is a resource… use it responsibly… dont hog the network… there is only so much bandwith available.. I use it to run bitcoin mining also 24/7… no complain.

          My son plays starcraft 2/roblox etc online… never heard him complain.

          I dont have PS4 etc… my daughter plays youtube all the time… my wife uses it to browse for recipes… never heard her complain also… mwahaha…

        • ZyD

          Different location.. Different complaint and compliment..

        • kzm

          depend on ur area though same like unifi, there always area that suck.

  • forextor

    No thanks… I will stay with my perpetual RM118 package for 10Mbps.

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  • Kenji

    one company specializing in fibre optic broadband already reinvented Msian broadband with new min. speed starting frm 100mbps onwards.. most of all, its price is only abt the same as our nation’s most ‘premium’ telco’s 10-30mbps package pricing!