U Mobile Unlimited HERO Postpaid P78: A Great Choice for Data Hungry Malaysians

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  • Game-R

    What’s the point of unlimited data when their network has no coverage anywhere?!
    Unlimited x 0 = 0

    • Ahbat

      Agreed. Showing H+ or 3G most of the time, but speed is not that good. Even worse in villages. Fix the coverage please. -Loyal Umobile customer.

      • Xone

        Just terminated my P98 last week due to poor service; it was fine for the first few months and then it went DOWNHILL… If I still have my P98 now I still probably will cancel it, due to the fact that this 78 plan have limited tethering.

    • Nick Lau

      umobile show H+ normal cannot search/ very slow, unless is 4g signal

  • wong

    UM din even restrict p2p as they acknowledge that users wont able to abuse the already congested network….

  • aMoKio

    Ready to get sued by Asus ROG

  • MRS

    there will always be butthurt people… doesnt matter, go play with your maxsit and celcom… come u… revise your 98… or 108 or 118 or 128 or 138 doesn’t matter… i will take one…