U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78 is the Cheapest Postpaid Plan with Unlimited Data

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  • Mr.Robot

    5Mbps for a unlimited plan, I’m not impressed

    • Annoynim0us

      Unifi does the same thing and charges an arm and a leg, what are you on about?

      • LOL BRO

        the difference is unifi let u share small portion of others legs and arms. basically its not that hurt for family users. for individually, this plan is good enough…if u have stable network~

  • Kangkung lover :)

    5 Mbps can use for Wifi unlimited, replacement for Streamyx as well?
    Not sure stable or not?

    • wong

      i tot it stated that limited hotspot? 10GB?

      • karwaidotnet

        how it knows we are tethering or using it as mobile hotspot???

        • wong

          Mobile hotspot = tethering , no?

          • FIST

            nope, tethering is via cable

          • racistmalaysian

            Wow you are so stupid.

          • kzm

            same thing lor

          • Nick Lau

            tethering meaning is share hotspot 10GB , i think umobile is make ppl misstake ‘ ‘tethering ‘ word

      • John Ozz

        UPDATE: The high-speed data on P78 is capped at 5Mbps and video streaming is also capped for 480p viewing similar to its current Video-ONZ offering. U Mobile has also blocked MiFi usage, so if you plan to share, you’ll have to use it on a smartphone with hotspot enabled.
        hurmmm not sure can put into 4g modem like E5186 or not.

  • Low Boon How

    where to subscribe?

  • xelasneko

    Currently using the P70 plan, which with its current 15GB offer allows higher tethering limit. I’m guessing this unlimited is good for people wanting to watch videos on their phones all the time.

    • John Ozz

      not exactly laa, i think for downloader as for 5MBps speed, you can get max 400+mbps downloading. as for video streaming like youtube,netflix,iflix,standard video onz capped is apllied which is 1.5MBps ~ 480P hurmm

      • wong

        5mbps = 650kBps which is very slow…
        don even bother the capped video onz

        • John Ozz

          At least better than streamyx LOL. With this plan, i’m pretty sure peer to peer will be capped as well rite?same like digi infinite.

          • wong

            video onz – 1.5mbps = 200kB/s
            P2P – 64kbps = 8kB/s
            others – 5mbps = 650kB/s

  • Faris Fitri

    webe caps their speed at 2mbps (most of the time), and with just 1GB free for tethering
    If Umobile coverage in my area wasn’t so poor I’d switch to this plan from webe

  • tharanitharan sahadeevan

    Is U-Mobile actually capable of reaching 5 mbps ha ha/ Upgrade your infrastructure/hardware first U-Mobile.

  • Mc Kambeng

    Video capped at 480p, meh~

    • kzm

      Malaysian telco seem like to copy US telco which is suck.

  • Tony Stuck

    So stick to P70 better or upgrade?

  • Aniki

    i thought u mobile is coming out with something to tackle digi infinite 150 but instead it is much worst than digi infinite 80 whereby you still got 480p on video onz… come on, please take away that silly video onz if you already limit the speed to 5Mbps… i’m still attached to digi infinite 150 unless you are really infinite on everything at RM128

    • LOL BRO

      how about u watch youtube in chrome? can opt for 4k vid bcoz of unlimited quota right?

      • Aniki

        i think if you can have a stable 25Mbps you should be able to watch 4k, but however i only got full hd tv, therefore full hd is enough for me as i can see the speed is well over 16Mbps when i stream full hd video~

  • Pemerhati

    Use P98 before, cakap 30GB. Internet mcm kura-kura….sudah switch to another telco.

  • Annoynim0us

    I swear to god every telco can only act within the boundaries and limitations without crossing paths against big brother Unifi.

    Give me 50GB quota and no restriction usage with a USB dongle and I will pay the 78.

    Until then, all these stupid plans are a waste of time.

    • LOL BRO

      Well obviously thats you problem and I will easily guests there will be a lots of people porting to this plan..

      • Annoynim0us

        on what basis is 78 worth paying? tethering is limited to 10gb, no member share line or additional data sim for tablet or laptop.

        is surfing unlimited really that worth it on a puny mobile phone? seriously who surfs the internet until there’s no battery left to make calls?

        all smartphone apps have been designed to consume the least amount of data. And yet now with an option of unlimited, the only thing that wastes your data is unnecessary buffering of 1080p videos on youtube.

  • R Z

    price is good. though really bad service especially outside klang valley. sticking to umi30 only..

  • Aniki

    The cheapest “unlimited” data postpaid is still U28 with 64kbps speed when you finish the quota~ please come out with the cheapest unlimited high speed data to compete with Digi Infinite 150 ya…