Report: TM Begins The Migration of UniFi VIP5 Subscribers To UniFi Lite 10Mbps

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  1. forextor says:

    What was the VIP5 cost? That could be the indicative price for this Unifi Lite.

    1. Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim says:

      rm149 if im not mistaken. rm199 for vip10

      1. forextor says:

        Lol.. the actual price has been revealed.. it IS rm149.

  2. Lam WS says:

    still haven’t receive my free upgrade 🙁

    1. KY Looi says:

      Same. Still waiting for the upgrade. Checked the TM TQ page, says upgrade on March. But till now also no news 🙁

      1. Lam WS says:

        mine said from march onward 🙁

        1. KY Looi says:

          finally upgraded.. but not getting the VIP10 (up 10, down 10). Getting the Unifi Lite 10Mbps instead (up 10, down 5). Shortchanged by TM 🙁

  3. Mathew Hon Jun Yoon says:

    Migrated from this plan to Time 100mbps,never looked back…

    1. Jay says:

      No one is using TM over Time by choice , fyi.

      1. Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim says:

        Time installs their cable to selected few apartments. consider yourself lucky if u live in these place

  4. ZeroHunter says:

    Streamyx user has been abandoned. nuff said.

  5. Sy Isma says:

    Streamyx user continue to cry..

  6. Aniki says:

    no need to wait for the fibre availability, straight away get the Digi Infinte 150 Plan~

    1. forextor says:

      This has better value…if dont care for the hypptv etc. Too bad it is limited time promotion.. and not sure if the connection stable since it is wireless..

  7. cutesniper22 says:

    Lite version means no longer free call to fixed line 03?

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