TM Might Launch UniFi Lite This Month, Features 10Mbps Download Speed

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  • disqus_Om39rakc4y

    add in “lite” but use back copper line. pandai

    • Crono Box

      Well its either that or Fibre. Nonetheless for copper, the upload seed is delicious though. Good for content creators.

    • Kong King

      So u want TM pull cable fiber to your low density kampung area? U lagi pandai.

      • disqus_Om39rakc4y

        Sorry Bro I live in city. I am on Unifi 50mbps now after upgrade. It’s the naming they come out with making a fuss. Unifi was meant for Fibre all the while but they decided to use it for bandwidth on copper as well. I feel bad the kampung folks for this cause Unifi sounds premium to them but actually it’s just streamyx with increased bandwidth on the copper line. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • Kong King

          FUHYOOOOOO 50MBPS WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U feel bad for kampung folks because TM giving them option to increase their speed? You know what they’re screaming for a better speed in the past and now TM giving them option. Copper line or fiber see first if its cost effective onot. U kampung low density also u want pull cable ka? Be realistic a bit. A bit only.

          • kzm

            Some kampung already have Unifi especially in Selangor bro

          • h_1995

            kampung mana bro?

          • kzm

            felda bukit cerakah. I do see TM tanam cable there.

          • h_1995

            konpem ke fiber cable? copper cable kot…

          • kzm

            haha funny.. if copper they use those tiang telepon lor..

          • Kong King

            Then that kind of kampung is not in the list of our discussion bro. Be clever a bit =) .

          • kzm

            Kg is still kg they are not city.. u are not clever with ur response.

          • Kong King

            The discussion is clearly intended to kampung that dont have Unifi. And then u come and said oh that kampung got unifi. Too clever maybe.

          • kzm

            This is why la u need to know to which comment i reply to.. Clearly @disqus_Om39rakc4y say he feel bad for kampung pipu. Then I reply some kampung do already have unifi n then cleverly put ur comment without knowing why i comment like that. By looking ur history of comment don bother reply back.

          • Kong King

            So bodoh i donwan to reply edi.

        • Ks

          I live in the city. I am on Time Fibre 300mbps now after upgrade 14 months ago. I feel bad for you cause Unifi/Fibre High Speed Broadband sounds premium to you, in fact you are paying a premium price, but sadly and actually you are not even getting a decent connection. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • Kong King

            I feel bad for u because u only afford high rise house. =(

          • Ming Ze

            First time hearing people saying that TIME is available in kampung. Why the hell is it not available in Cheras!

          • Kong King

            When did i said its available in Kampung? I only feel bad for Ks because he use TIME which means he live in high rise residences.

          • Ming Ze

            Well, not really because TIME does cover some landed properties too. But now TIME is not as good as before, now it has a lot of issues like slow speed during night time.

          • Kong King

            “Some” is the keyword.

          • Ming Ze

            Yeah. But who knows maybe he stays in landed properties? I hope I can be the lucky one. But they say cheras is not in their waiting list.

          • William Lee

            god youre such a loser. teasing someone for not owning landed property. is that how you measure your own value? please shut up kong king. bwahahaha,

          • Kong King

            I got more upvotes than u and I only join on 2 years ago, people must hate u in real life. I win.

    • PieBash

      A good move actually, if they use fiber my house will never get UniFi and will forever be stuck with 4 mbps down and 512(!) kbps up.

    • Sam Ting Wong

      VDSL technology can go up to 100Mbps, which is more that what Unifi is offering right now..

  • Ray Kim

    coverage update first

  • kzm

    TM should price this lower than Maxis 10Mbps. Right now Maxis 10Mbps price is RM139 before tax n down/upload is symmetrical.

    • Syukri Lajin

      It should be less than 120, actually, it should be 100 max for the vdsl if i’m being really honest. Back then, unifi vip5(now 10mbps after upgrade?) was 149 with free calls and hypptv. This have neither.

  • ZyD

    Since when unifi is a full fibre to your home? It’s only full fibre when your house is landed. For highrise, it still using copper unless ur highrise is fully fibre..

  • uat88

    What happen to 100Mbps users who paid a monthly fee more than 50Mbps user who currently also enjoyed 100Mbps? Apa macam…

    • Kong King

      Can unsubscribe and move to Singapore or something.

    • lamusiqa

      Instead of speed upgrade, 100mbps users get free HyppTV Jumbo pack. Yeah, not exactly the ideal “upgrade” we were all hoping for..

  • Lim Kz

    got free upgrade from 30mbps to 50mbps?

  • uSKY


  • Sy Isma

    No news for streamyx user

  • Arvin

    acceptable if rm 100 or below

  • lolipopo

    If it’s less than RM130 and is HyppTV-less, I am sold! Bring it on TM!!

  • Vishnu X

    ADSL < VDSL < Fiber

    ADSL and VDSL are over copper, ADSL is 20Mbps and below, max 1Mbps upload if on 10Mbps, else 512Kbps. VDSL is 20 or 40Mbps, 2 or 3Mbps upload. ADSL has about 15% of line used for overheads (you will never get 10Mbps, but rather ~8.5Mbps).

    Fiber is the future, lower latency, less noise issues, less maintenance, faster speeds for cheaper (depending on the provider), no loss in maximum line speed due to distance as well.
    If you can, always go the fiber route. Fiber also allows a lot higher upload than ADSL/VDSL, this is especially useful for businesses when they want to have video conferences/file backups.

  • Motoyama

    They shouldn’t price this more than RM99, then only it’s acceptable.

    Should call it STREAMYX HEAVY instead of UNIFI Lite….:D

    But i guess STREAMYX name sudah busuk.

    • William Lee

      i am on streamyx now it’s 4mbps and i still pay rm145+ a month. pigs will fly and sing if they price it lower.

  • Shazley Sahib

    So all they have to do is upgrade their ADSL stations? Better than nothing i guess. But if the price is more than 150, then forget it.

  • Aiman Faiz

    for me.. yeah i will go with this upgrade.. since my area cannot go more than 4mbps.. tired shiet with 4mbps.. i even cannot do stream.. i would like too if i can but i cant :/