TM Is Set To Launch Its LTE Service: Branded As TMgo, Coming Soon To Kedah and Melaka

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  1. IckyMasala says:

    Terrible quota prices

  2. frustrated_user says:

    They should have tried it in KL first =.=”

  3. Fakhrul Hafiz says:

    typical overpriced stuff from TM

  4. Dwijadas says:

    Well .. again .. another shit ! I didnt expect it from TM though..

  5. truman6 says:

    i waited few years fo unifi to come to my house, still haven’t got the service yet & its a the centre of ipoh city…& they release this junk…

  6. SY says:

    Well done TM, 2gb quota for RM98. All your marketing are the best. No one in the will do this except you

    1. Razi Az says:

      do you even read properly?

    2. ashraf says:

      RM 98 is the starting price. rm 40/month for quota of 3GB. Read carefully!!

  7. esmonde says:

    30 days validity for 3GB at RM 40. ok right?

    1. Khairul Klang says:

      3GB with LTE BB sure can finished in 1 day..
      Many netizen will spend more than RM500 for the reload as they are now sharing/viewing more videos.

      1. esmonde says:

        I see.. never really use. Haha. Now using 3G, and 3GB is alot to me…. that’s why I felt cheap.

  8. Dwijadas says:

    it can be YES killer .. little bit more organized pricing and validitify will kick the A$$ of YES !

  9. Kay Ohh says:

    Hmmm…. yes, i think i see it…. i see a failure in marketing written all over it… just like YES sometime ago… LoL…

  10. Kalsium Hydrogen Plutonium says:

    i see alot of malaysian very lazy to read

  11. leevj877 says:

    wtheck unifi not even covered whole malaysia …..like truman6 i cant even apply for unifi my housing area not in coverage!!!

  12. Helmi Jr. says:

    bring Unifi to more areas first instead of trying to sell a new service to the consumers. TM are being run by a bunch of idiots. Your demand-styled strategy are the worst ever strategy. Why don’t you listen to your consumers who make you money at least once?!

  13. awg says:

    still can’t beat umobile with 20gb data @ rm128 (prepaid) though..

    btw, nothings wrong with launching new products without waiting for unifi to cover whole of malaysia..I saw this as a good effort from TM to give alternatives to some area..but ofcoz the price should be lowered even more..seriously, too many expensive things in malaysia..

  14. Tanpa Wayar says:

    Dapatkan reload TMgo disini.

    WhatsApp 019-527 6063.

    Pek permulaan (MIFI & USB Modem)

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