Is This BBC Trending’s Kangkung Article Being Blocked From Users? (UPDATED: It Is Now Accessible) - Lowyat.NET

Is This BBC Trending’s Kangkung Article Being Blocked From Users? (UPDATED: It Is Now Accessible)

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  • Indeed blocked. Loads fine on VPN. D:

  • hahaha

    here come the internet censorship.

  • PeterTechGuy

    Seems like the mobile page is down too.

  • LOL

    The kankung remix also blocked on youtube..z…Z

    • Works fine for me though, using both TM and Google DNS.

      • LOL

        Maxix fiber here..

      • kangkung king

        yup not loading on maxis fibre

  • Ah jip kor

    Jip kor butthurt.

  • jack

    yeah it’s blocked. u can open it with a proxy (hidemyass etc)

  • KIng

    BTW, Open DNS in Streamyx is blocked

  • SObri

    When government scared of kangkung..

  • Gavin Yong

    inb4, this article about censorship is itself censored 😀

  • Gan

    i was able to view in yesterday .. but not today ? how come ? btw i dont think they are really doing a very good job about this blocking , there are just so many loophole like accessing to the mobile page , they are plain stupid , just the same as their master

  • kkk

    No it loads just fine.

  • Kek Lo

    Lowyat, please stays nonpartisan. There are your readers who are BN supporters.

    • 12345


    • blackbox

      Tai so hai

  • unknown

    did they actually want to block page with just “kangkung” on it??!! well, stupidity has no limit (for those guys)…

  • RoKie

    No blocking. Accessed from my workplace, which uses TM services.

  • kek lo

    Please be reasonable, there are many articles which are worse than this kangkung stories. It is like someone trying to make an issue out of this. MCMC has denied it. Please report this lowyat!

    • I’m looking at the MCMC statement as we speak. Expect the news to be up shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

  • ziz

    Ive just dont get it… seriously pliz tell me what happen

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    This is in spite of Bill of Guarantee No.7 of the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees, which states that the government pledges “to ensure no censorship of the Internet“.

    So much for their credibility >_>: