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Google Nexus 4 by LG Might Be Priced At RM 1599, To Arrive In January

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  • Steven

    Still a little bit too high…but i guess i might go for it.. ideal price for me, RM1499…

    • teknokrasi

      Agreed with,.. RM1499 is the sweet spot price.

  • Now Life is Good.

    • Steinway


  • R Roy

    Can anyone confirm if Nexus 4 (Malaysia version) will have LTE?

    It’s quite a waste to get the nexus 4 if you there is no LTE.

    • someonesim

      Nexus 4 doesnt support 4G LTE. It’s big brother Optimus G have. Malaysia doesnt have LTE yet also.

    • samurai1337

      All nexus 4 got no LTE

  • The further Nexus 4 is priced away from SIII the better its chance of sales success (not necessarily profits) in Malaysia.

    RM1499 will guarantee that

  • Eileen

    Any idea if Nexus 4 supports flash? How fragile is the glass screen actually? I read in multiple sites that it can break very very easily.

    • mal

      perhaps, using the case may overcome that issue 😀

  • Hunter

    Exactly, an RM1499 price tag + 2 years warranty should be just fine.

    If considering our telcos are also bringing them in with contract, an RM799 – RM899 price for a 24mth contract will just be a hit, IMHO.

  • aren

    rm1499 would be a better price and i’m sure a lot of people would be getting this phone if the price is nice 🙂

  • lala

    pretty sure the article about rm1799 caused the LG to lower their price.

    kudos to the writer!!

    • Hunter

      Better thank Pang for his ‘scandalous’ article :P. At least LG Malaysia may take some hints from people’s outrage.

      But still, the above is still a pre-order price from a retailer, hence the +/- sign at the end of the RM1599. Could still be priced at RM1799 as far as LG is concerned.

  • Xeoni

    Why the pictures show RM1599+-
    Is there any hidden charges…

  • Alvin

    Still quite high considering you can get it for RM1100 at Google Playstore.

    RM1299 should be more appropriate and that is already RM200 extra profit margin.

    • kearoo

      there are some tax charges imposed here. somewhat or rather you do need to include that

  • lelynx


    Stop comparing price on the local LG N4 with the one at Google Play. One is with profit and the other one is more towards getting a flagship device for their Android OS. So that more people will like it and eventually opt to let go of their iOS.

    I don’t think there will be difference in term of hardware spec between M’sia or the US one. As it’s not Samsung. You will get the same thing.

    Like any great phone, N4 will have its own pro and con. You just need see which one suits you the best

  • Zorro

    Only if govt could give rebate rm200 for this Nexus4….. otherwise,NO.

  • nurdin zaki

    RM1599, acceptable price. looking forward to buy this phone next year. i do hope they release it on Jan 2013..please no more delay.

  • jeremy

    consumer win! wait! there is so many 5inch fulll hd phone is come out, like huaiwei,zte,find5, etc… maybe this is the reason LG cut their price?

  • Steinway

    Hehe…next year’s Full HD phones or Nexus 4 guys??? Vote! xD

  • mkbhe

    this would be better in terms of camera compare to the galaxy nexus that is having lower megapixel. i hope the price is not too far off from the price in google play; finger cross

  • GaryYap

    may i know how to place order?


    Not gonna touch it even with a ten foot pole. LG still has not annouce a price for it. Besides, Im gonna wait for OPPO FIND 5 now that its coming our way. Any phone that wants to eat my money have to make sure that they earn it. LG had a nice thing going on with N4 but they blew it away when they kept their silence. Does LG think that by being ignorant on the market in Malaysia it will net them a better following? Thats the best thing about having choices, phone company now must work harder to get our money. The ball is now in LG’s court, with competition heating up, we will see whats LG’s next move is.

  • Shehzaad

    How come LYN reports about iphone 5 but not this: ?
    This is manufacturing/design defect. RM1600 for a phone that crack in the heat….hmmm.

  • Matchy

    RRP RM1799
    Subsidized RM1599?

  • Katherine

    hey,is nexus 4 selling in malaysia dy?
    i would like to get one..since it has quite good spec ..and its comparable with s3 too..
    whre can i get it..around penang?

  • Katherine

    hey guys.. is Nexus 4 been officially launched in malaysia ? i would like to have one too if the price is around RM1499 …
    And could anyone tell me where to get one others than sign contract and purchase with digi?

  • mend

    1100 sold in lowyat