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(Update: Now with Video!) Hands On: Samsung Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 edge

by Pang Tun Yau · 9 hours ago · 6 Comments · 4.5k views

Just moments ago, Samsung has finally announced its two latest flagship smartphones: the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. With so much at stake, Samsung has made the bold move of redesigning its sixth iteration of the company’s flagship smartphone from the ground up, using premium materials along the way. But how does it translate to the final product?

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MWC 2015: Hands On With Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

by Chief Chapree · 21 hours ago · 3 Comments · 1.1k views

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard Hands On 07

Apart from launching Lumia 640 and 640 XL, Microsoft seems to have surprised quite a number of pple in the crowd earlier today by also unveiling its brand new Universal Foldable Keyboard. Just like the previously released Universal Mobile Keyboard, this new Bluetooth wireless keyboard supports Android, iOS and Windows devices.

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[Updated with Video] MWC 2015: Hands On With HTC One M9

by Chief Chapree · 1 day ago · 12 Comments · 2.5k views

So, it is finally here. Officially revealed for the first time moments ago here in Barcelona, the HTC One M9 is the fourth flagship smartphone in HTC One series with its lineage can be traced back to the original HTC One X smartphone back in 2012.

However, it is hard to ignore how similar the One M9 looks like to its previous two predecessors: the 2013’s One (a.k.a the M7), and 2014’s One M8. Nevertheless, HTC insists that the One M9 is a much more refined product than previous flagship devices. So, let’s take a closer look.

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Hands On: Samsung Galaxy E7 and E5, Coming Soon to Malaysia

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 1.9k views

Samsung Galaxy E7

Remember the Samsung Galaxy E series that was announced last month when Samsung launched its Galaxy A series in India? Well, it looks like they will be coming soon to Malaysia.

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Review: LG G Watch R – Not Quite the Full Circle Yet

by Andrew Cheng · 3 weeks ago · 13 Comments · 6.8k views


Smartwatches are not quite a thing yet, and this is probably due to the rather geeky or nerdy nature of such a gadget. If you’re afraid of being labelled as such, LG could have the perfect solution with the G Watch R, the smartwatch that sports the look of a traditional wristwatch.

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Hands-On: The 2015 Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop

by Chief Chapree · 4 weeks ago · 2 Comments · 3.4k views

2015 Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop Hands On 03

So, the 2015 Alienware 17 is not the only new Alienware gaming laptop in town. Also unveiled at CES 2015, Dell Malaysia today has also officially launched the new 2015 Alienware 15 for our market although it was already available through the company’s online store starting from last month.

Just like its bigger brother, Dell stated that the 2015 Alienware 15 is lighter and slimmer than its predecessor. By predecessor, we mean the Alienware M15x that was discontinued in 2011. It would be mind boggling if the 2015 version is not slimmer and lighter, right?

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Hands-On: 2015 Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop

by Chief Chapree · 4 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 3.1k views

2015 Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop Hands On 01

Alongside the sleek 2015 Dell XPS 13, the 2015 Alienware 17 gaming laptop is one of the new products that Dell has launched at the CES 2015 last month and it was made available in Malaysia just mere weeks after that.  Being a 17-inch laptop, one would naturally expect the laptop to be bulky but Dell has somehow claimed that it is actually lighter and thinner than its predecessors.

So, is that really the case? Well, read more to find out.

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Review: Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro – Flagship Hardware, Sub-par Software

by Andrew Cheng · 1 month ago · 6 Comments · 6.6k views


Lenovo isn’t exactly the first name that comes to people’s mind when it concerns flagship Android devices, but with the Vibe Z2 Pro, the company is trying to show the world that it is also capable of coming up with one. On paper, the Z2 Pro is definitely impressive, but is cramming a bunch of high-end hardware on a smartphone enough to make it a flagship device?

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Quick Look: ASUS Fonepad 7 FE171CG, To Be Available in Malaysia This February

by Chief Chapree · 1 month ago · 2 Comments · 2.8k views

ASUS Fonepad 7 FE171CG Hands On 14

Here’s a quick question for you: how many variations of ASUS Fonepad 7 are there in the market at the moment? Well, we are not sure ourselves given the fact that ASUS has released plenty of them for the past few years but we do know that there will be another new variant of Fonepad 7 coming into our country this February.

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Quick Look: ASUS EeeBook X205 Notebook, Coming This March For As Low As RM 699

by Chief Chapree · 1 month ago · 9 Comments · 3.8k views

ASUS EeeBook X205 Hands On 01

During the era of netbook several years ago, one of the most known product series in the segment is the ASUS Eee PC. The Taiwanese company then decided to shelved the series due to declining sales of netbook in 2013 but last year, the name reappeared once again in the form of EeeBook X205 which will be released in Malaysia this coming March.

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Hands On: Xiaomi Mi Note

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 month ago · 10 Comments · 18.4k views

[Update: Now with hands-on video shot from Beijing!]

Xiaomi’s meteoric rise as everybody’s favourite smartphone brand is relentless, and with the release of its first-ever flagship Mi Note phablet, the signs are that there is no slowing this train anytime soon. Shortly after the launch event, we managed to sneak some precious few minutes with the device, and here’s our first impressions.

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Hands-On: The 2015 Dell XPS 13, The Smallest 13-Inch Laptop In The World

by Chief Chapree · 2 months ago · 11 Comments · 5.1k views

2015 Dell XPS 13 Hands On 04

When it was revealed at CES 2015 last week, Dell claimed that its new 2015 XPS 13 is the smallest 13-inch laptop in the world. Judging from what we have just seen moments ago at the ongoing Dell regional launch here in Thailand, we have not much reason to doubt that claim.

In fact, it seems like the new 2015 XPS 13 might just be the best XPS laptop to date.

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