Hotlink Offering 3X More Internet With its Mobile Internet Passes

by Huei Song · 23 hours ago · 11 Comments · 1.5k views

Hotlink 3x More Data Promotion

Hotlink is now offering three times more data on its existing Mobile Internet Passes. Get high speed internet from as low as 250MB for RM3 a day, or all the way up to 9GB for RM65 a month. The internet quota will be split into two – half for all-day, and the other half for midnight use (12am to 7am).

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Maxis Teases the OnePlus 2 – “Be Among the First in Malaysia to Own One”

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Maxis OnePlus 2

Just hours after OnePlus took the curtains off the OnePlus 2, the 2016 flagship killer, Maxis is now teasing the device saying that it’s coming. There are no details at the moment, but it looks like Malaysians won’t have to wait too long to get the device.

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Maxis Introduces New MaxisGo Postpaid Plan, 100 Mins/SMS, and 1GB + 1GB Data for RM48 a Month

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MaxisGO Postpaid Plan

It looks like Maxis has quietly introduced a new postpaid plan called MaxisGO. At only RM48 a month, significantly cheaper than its main postpaid plan – MaxisONE, MaxisGO comes with free calls and SMS, as well as up to 2GB of free data.

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Prepaid SIM Packs with Free Basic Internet: U Mobile Power Prepaid, Digi Smart Prepaid, Xpax Magic SIM and #Hotlink

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U Mobile Power Prepaid vs Digi-Smart-Prepaid-vs-Magic-SIM-vs-Hotlink-600x375

Now that U Mobile has finally joined the Big Three telcos in offering prepaid packs with free basic internet, how does it stack up against the rest? Check out a comparison below.

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Maxis Demonstrates Reliability of its 4G LTE Network with Live Internet Speedometer

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Maxis LTE Network Speedometer

Maxis recently launched a website to demonstrate how reliable their 4G LTE network is. Available at this link, the website shows the average internet speed right now, and the speed across various places around the country.

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Hotlink Offering 3GB of Free Data for New #Hotlink Subscribers

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Hotlink Free 3GB Data

If you wish to subscribe to #Hotlink prepaid plan, you may now do so and enjoy 6 months of free internet totalling up to 3GB. All you need to do is get a starter pack and top up each month to enjoy the freebie.

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Maxis Finally Lowers Price of its Add-On Data for SurfMore Plans – Get 1GB for Only RM15

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Maxis SurfMore Plans

Good news for Maxis SurfMore subscribers, the telco has finally decided to reduce the price of its data add-on, allowing you to get 1GB of data for only RM15. This new price is more than 50% cheaper than what was offered before.

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Prepaid Plans with Free Basic Internet: Digi Smart Prepaid vs. Xpax Magic SIM vs. Maxis #Hotlink

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Digi Smart Prepaid vs Magic SIM vs Hotlink

Now that Digi has introduced a new Smart Prepaid that offers free basic internet at 64kbps, how does it compare to the others who have a similar prepaid option – #Hotlink and Xpax Magic SIM? Check out our comparison tables right after the break.

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Telco Price War: U Mobile U28 vs. Celcom First Basic 38 vs. Digi SmartPlan 50 (RM36) vs. Maxis SurfMore50

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Malaysia Postpaid Telco Logos

Now that U Mobile has finally made its move in the telco price war, how does it compare to the other affordable postpaid plans offered by other telcos – Celcom First Basic 38 that offers 3GB of data for RM38/month, and Digi’s SmartPlan 50 promotion that offers 3GB of data for RM36/month?

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[Update: Free Data for SurfMore 50 Too] Maxis Offering 1GB of Internet Free for 6 Months When you Sign Up for a MaxisONE Plan with 1GB Add-On Data

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MaxisONE plan Free 1GB Data

Update: Maxis is offering 2GB of data for free for 6 months for its SurfMore 50 subscribers too. Details after the break.

If you need more data on your MaxisONE postpaid plan, buy an extra 1GB of data and Maxis will give you an additional 1GB of data free for 6 months.

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Maxis Now Offering Free 10,400mAh Powerbank for Every Device Purchase with a Plan on its Online Store

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Maxis Power Up Promo

Maxis is now offering a 10,400mAh powerbank for free when you purchase a device with a plan on its online store. This offer is valid for every devices offered on its Online Store, except for the Samsung Galaxy S6, which gets its own freebie including a clear cover and battery pack.

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Contract-Free Prepaid Phone Bundle from Top 3 Malaysian Telcos – Maxis, Celcom and Digi

by Huei Song · 1 month ago · 6 Comments · 7.7k views

Xpax Magic SIM Phone Bundle

For those of you who wish to get a new phone, but do not wish to sign up for a contract, our local telcos offers contract-free prepaid bundles, which comes with discounts, as well as free internet.

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