Nokia Announces OZO Virtual Reality Camera For Professionals

by Farhan · 4 days ago · 2 Comments · 1.1k views


Nokia may not be making smartphones at the moment, but it is still trying out some very interesting hardware. The Nokia OZO Virtual Reality camera is the latest device from the Finnish company, aimed at professional content creators who want to get in on the VR trend.

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Samsung Announces Mass Production of “Industry’s First 1.0-Micron Pixel-Based 16MP CMOS Image Sensor”

by Huei Song · 5 days ago · 2 Comments · 1.2k views

New Samsung 1.0 micron Pixel Image Sensor for Smartphones

If you, like majority of mobile phone users out there, can’t stand the idea of a protruding rear camera on your smartphone, Samsung might have the solution to that. The company just announced the mass production of its latest image sensor that is the “industry’s first 1.0 micron pixel-based 16MP CMOS image sensor.

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Sony RX100 Mark 4 Now Available in Malaysia for RM3,799 – Free Case and 64GB Memory Card

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · 3 Comments · 2.2k views

Sony RX100 IV Malaysia Price

On top of bringing in the Sony Xperia Z3+, Sony is also offering its latest Cyber-shot RX100 IV in Malaysia. The camera is available for purchase immediately for a retail price of RM3,799.

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Google will Kill off Google+ Photos on August 2015 to Make Way for New Google Photos

by Huei Song · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 976 views

Google Photos 3

Now that Google Photos is a couple of months old and doing quite well, it looks like the company is finally ready to shut down the previous Google+ Photos. Google recently made a Google+ announcement that on 1 August 2015, they will shut down Google+ Photos for Android, iOS and the web.

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Russia Launches Campaign to Encourage Safety when Taking Selfies

by Huei Song · 4 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 441 views

Russia Selfie Safety Campaign

Taking selfies could turn nasty if you’re not aware of your surrounding, which is why Russian Government recently launched a campaign to encourage people to be safer when taking self-portraits.

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Google Photos Bug Ends Up Tagging Black People As Gorillas

by Farhan · 1 month ago · 2 Comments · 3.4k views

Google Photos Black People Gorilla

Google’s new Photos app has made great strides in facial and object recognition. So much so that the system itself is able to sort images according to categories without user input. However, nothing is perfect, as computer programmer Jacky Alcine discovered after he was tagged as being a gorilla in several photos.

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Leica Camera Releases Leica Q in Malaysia, Its Most Advanced Compact Camera Ever

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 3 Comments · 4k views


Leica Camera has announced the availability of its latest compact camera, the Leica Q, in Malaysia. Its most advanced compact camera yet, the Leica Q combines the company’s renowned camera capabilities with today’s latest technologies.

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DxO One Turns Your iPhone Into A Premium Point-And-Shoot Camera

by Farhan · 2 months ago · 5 Comments · 2.1k views


Sony introduced the idea of external cameras for smartphones back in 2013, and has been riding that wave since. DxO has evened the odds for Apple users by introducing the DxO One, a tiny attachment that adds a f/1.8 lens to any iPhone or iPad.

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Instagram Redesign Profile Pages for Neater Look with Bigger Photos

by Huei Song · 2 months ago · No Comments · 534 views

Instagram New Layout

Instagram web has been around for over two years now, but their layout has always been rather boring with limited functionalities. The company now has a new design for its desktop and mobile version, giving a neater layout with bigger pictures compared to what we have now.

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Photo Essay: The Booth Babes of Computex 2015

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 7 Comments · 26.8k views


Like every other trade show, one of the undeniable attractions of Computex is with the bevy of beauties tending the booths of the show floors. These ladies aren’t just there to smile for the camera and attendees, but they are trained to understand the products they are promoting – in some ways, they serve as product specialists throughout the five-day event.

Of course, it’s a rather subjective matter whether gaining brand visibility via such traditional methods is still socially acceptable these days, but in a male-driven industry it appears this trend will not be ending anytime soon – at least not at Computex. Without further ado, here are some of the best shots we’ve curated of the booth babes of Computex 2015.

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Google I/O 2015: Jump – New Tools For The Masses To Capture The World In Virtual Reality Video

by Chief Chapree · 2 months ago · No Comments · 654 views

Google Jump

Virtual reality is neat but it is not easy to come out with VR contents as usually requires custom camera rigs. Since Google is very much into VR through its Google Cardboard platform, the company apparently has decided to tackle this issue with something that called as Jump which was just announced a short time ago during Google I/O 2015’s keynote.

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Google I/O 2015: Google Photos Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage For Free

by Farhan · 2 months ago · 7 Comments · 1.6k views

Google Photos 3

Google has one upped every other cloud storage service on the planet with its new Google Photos service. While it looks like just another cloud storage solution for photos, Google is drawing attention to it by offering unlimited free storage. Unlimited. Free. Storage.

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