Report: Apple to Focus More on Quality than New Features for iOS 9, May Bring Back Support for Older Devices

by Huei Song · 1 day ago · 6 Comments · 1.8k views

Apple iOS 9 Rumour

For years now people have always complained about how Apple forces its users to upgrade to new devices every one or two years because they will end the product support after certain period of time, but looks like that is about to change. The latest reports are saying that Apple is looking on improving the quality for its next generation mobile operating system, iOS 9, and might bring back support for older devices.

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BlackBerry Announces Another Round Of Layoffs

by Farhan · 1 day ago · 2 Comments · 614 views

BlackBerry Leap ReviewIMG_9790-0131

BlackBerry has announced a round of layoffs from its mobile division as the company seeks to further consolidate its business. The company has not revealed how many people will be affected by this decision, but instead chose to say that it would affect number of employees from around the world.

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Huawei Unveils LiteOS, a 10KB System for the IoT

by Andrew Cheng · 5 days ago · 5 Comments · 2.4k views


You read the title correct all right. Huawei has just launched LiteOS, an operating system for the age of the Internet of Things that is only 10KB in size. According to the company, it wants to “provide the connections, not the devices” with LiteOS.

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Google Set To Reveal Android M At Google I/O Later This Month

by Farhan · 3 weeks ago · 7 Comments · 1.4k views

Google IO 2015

Google has revealed the schedule for its Google I/O conference later this month, and it looks like the internet giant is preparing to take the lid off the next version of its mobile operating system, Android M. There are a few other announcements set to be made at the 2.5 hour long keynote, and this includes something about a new wearable from Google’s Advanced Technologies And Projects group.

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Tencent Launches Its Own Android-Based Operating System, TOS+

by Terry Bass · 4 weeks ago · 2 Comments · 1k views


Chinese company, Tencent has launched its own open-source Tencent Operating System (TOS+), which is based on Google’s Android platform. The new smart hardware operating system will be running smartphones, smartwatches, TVs, VR devices and also mobile gaming devices.

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Cyanogen Ends Partnership with OnePlus; “Without Cyanogen, Oneplus Would Have Sold Like One Device”

by Andrew Cheng · 4 weeks ago · 9 Comments · 4.9k views


Cyanogen’s Kirt McMaster and Steve Kondik have officially confirmed that it is no longer in partnership with OnePlus. Both of them believe that the Chinese company’s goals are no longer in line with Cyanogen’s, and it is currently looking for another manufacturer who can “scale much quicker” than OnePlus.

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Google Updates Google Now, Adds Support for 70 New Third-Party Android Apps

by Huei Song · 4 weeks ago · No Comments · 1k views

Google Now Adds 70 Third Party Apps Integration

Google is rolling out an update to its Google Now service, making it more useful than ever. The update brings support for 70 new third-party apps so you can easily stay up to date in a single app.

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Elephone Might Be Making A Windows And Android Dual-Booting Phone

by Terry Bass · 4 weeks ago · 2 Comments · 1.3k views


Elephone will reportedly release a smartphone that can dual-boot Windows 10 and Android 5.0. The unnamed device was teased at the recent Global Source Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong, and now, the company has reached out to Neowin to confirm the device’s hardware specifications as well as a launch date.

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Sights and Scenes: OnePlus One Fan Gathering At Maxis Tower

by Terry Bass · 1 month ago · 5 Comments · 3.3k views


OnePlus held a fan gathering at Maxis Tower to celebrate its long-awaited official arrival to Malaysian shores. The Maxis Tower was presumably chosen due to the recent partnership between the two companies where Maxis has exclusive rights to the device. 

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LG Releases New Video on UX 4.0, Coming to the LG G4

by Huei Song · 1 month ago · 4 Comments · 826 views

LG UX 4.0

Less than a week to the launch of the LG G4, but it looks like LG just can’t wait to show off its next flagship smartphone. The company recently released a video demo showing off its new LG UX 4.0, which will debut on the LG G4 at its launch on 28 April 2015.

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Japanese Man’s Apple Device Collection Takes A Swim After Cheating On Girlfriend

by Terry Bass · 1 month ago · 25 Comments · 5.2k views

A Japanese woman found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, and decided to soak his entire Apple device collection in the bath tub of his house. However, the boyfriend appears to have a sense of humour as he promptly uploaded the pictures to social media to be shared with the world.

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The Great iOS vs. Android Debate Led To Two Roommates Stabbing Each Other

by Terry Bass · 1 month ago · 14 Comments · 4.1k views

Image Credit – Tulsa’s Channel 8

Two men were hospitalised after they both got into a heated argument and stabbed each other. What got them into such a fight? It all started with the age-old question of “Which operating system is better? iOS or Android?” Oh, alcohol was involved too – of course.

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