Mozilla Details Future Of Firefox OS

by Farhan · 14 hours ago · No Comments · 558 views


Mozilla has officially given up on Firefox OS and will stop work on the mobile operating system after the version 2.6 release. The group had earlier announced that it was pulling the plug on all Firefox OS based smartphones; and this looks to be the final nail in the coffin for the failed experiment.

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Samsung SEA Forum 2016: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Coming to Malaysia in Q1 2016 (Hands On)

by Pang Tun Yau · 4 days ago · 1 Comment · 1.2k views


Samsung’s first Windows 10-powered tablet, the Galaxy TabPro S, will be coming to Malaysia within the first quarter of the year. Announced just last month at CES 2016, the premium grade laptop will likely bring some competition to Microsoft’s Surface line.

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Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus Has A 40,000 Point Lead In Antutu’s Top 10 Best Smartphones

by Terry Bass · 3 weeks ago · 11 Comments · 5.3k views


Antutu, the popular cross-platform mobile benchmarking app, has published its “2015 Global Top 10 Best Performance Smartphones” chart. Although there were a couple of devices on the chart we’ve already expected to see, it’s quite surprising that the iPhone 6s Plus almost has a 40,000 point lead on the competition.

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You Can Soon Say “Apa Khabar, Siri?” – iOS 9.3 Beta Update Adds Support For Bahasa Malaysia

by Terry Bass · 4 weeks ago · 6 Comments · 2.1k views


Apple has released a changelog for its latest firmware update for iOS, version 9.3. The update brings a long list of system tweaks, minor improvements, and a few additional features here and there. However, something else caught our eye – Siri now supports Malay. Betul ke ni?

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CES 2016: Jide’s Remix OS, The Android For Desktops Is Now Free

by Terry Bass · 4 weeks ago · 3 Comments · 2.5k views

Image Credit: The Verge

Last year, a company called Jide came up with the Remix Ultra Tablet, which took design cues from Microsoft’s Surface and put a touch of its own version of Android in it. Called the “Remix OS”, Jide has unveiled that it is now available for free, and can be used on almost any PC.

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Lowyat.NET 2015 Editor’s Choice Awards: The Best Gadgets and Stories of the Year

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 month ago · 3 Comments · 6.7k views


And just like that, another year has passed. Nothing much has changed in the world of tech…except for a lot of things. Samsung remembered how to make great smartphones again, while Apple boldly went where no smartphone colour has gone before. Outside of the mobile industry, there were some impressive showings from the previously slumbering Microsoft too (among others). Let’s take a look back at the year that’s been, and pick the highlights just as you have voted. We’ll be publishing the results of the Community Choice Awards tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Windows 10 Surpasses 200 Million Installations Worldwide

by Nasir Rabik · 1 month ago · 11 Comments · 1k views

Windows 10 Regional Launch

Currently, Windows 10 has surpassed 200 million installations across various devices. This comes as no surprise since Windows has been offering free upgrades to Windows 10 for users that are still on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Barely two months ago, it was reported that Windows 10 had already reached the 100 million installations mark. That says a lot about the operating system.

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Ubuntu Fails To Reach 200 Million Users By End 2015 Goal

by Nasir Rabik · 2 months ago · 6 Comments · 3.5k views


Four years ago, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu OS, said that the operating system would reach 200 million users by 2015. Sadly, four years is almost up and it seems like Ubuntu’s goals were unfortunately overestimated. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution which is catered for smartphones and personal computers.

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Facebook Is Again The Top App Of 2015; Android Preferred Over iOS

by Terry Bass · 2 months ago · No Comments · 1.3k views

Image Credit: Nielsen

According to research firm Nielsen, Facebook is once again the number one app installed on U.S. smartphones. The app has 126,702,000 average unique users, while YouTube only has 97,627,000 users, granting it a firm second place. These apps do show an increased number of users each year, but it is the Facebook Messenger app that has the highest year-over-year growth of 31%.

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Mozilla Firefox In 64-Bit Is Now Available For Windows

by Khalis Onn · 2 months ago · 2 Comments · 2.3k views


Mozilla Firefox announced on its blog that 64-bit support for Firefox is finally available for Windows platforms. As long as your computer is running in Windows 7 or above, you should get improved security and speed for your Firefox browser.

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Mozilla Puts An End To Firefox OS Smartphones

by Farhan · 2 months ago · 5 Comments · 975 views


Mozilla has finally laid the underperforming Firefox OS to rest. The company announced that it will stop developing and selling Firefox OS based phones at its developer conference yesterday. However, this isn’t the end of the grand experiment; and Mozilla still says that it will continue to work on more connected devices.

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BlackBery Priv Officially Lands in Malaysia For RM3559

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 10 Comments · 2k views


After the Nexus 6P, another flagship Android smartphone has been unveiled in Malaysia today. BlackBerry today officially launched the Priv in the country, its first flagship smartphone since 2014’s Passport. 

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