[Update: Issue Resolved] Unifi And Streamyx DNS Congested; Users May Experience Sluggish Connections

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Update: TM has rectified the issue and all connections should have returned to normal.

TM’s Twitter account has made it known that some subscribers to UniFi and Streamyx may be experiencing slow connections due to congestion of two DNS. The cause of this congestion is still as of yet unknown, although the ISP has promised that its engineers are currently looking into the problem.

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HyppTV Launches AlHijrah Video-On-Demand Channel

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launch TV AlHijrah On Demand

Telekom Malaysia’s IPTV service HyppTV has officially launched its first Islamic video-on-demand channel in the form of AlHijrah On Demand. The channel promises to provide high quality Islamic programming in HD for the first time on the platform. HyppTV already has AlHijrah programming on the free-to-air channel 114, and this new offering will complement the content with an even wider variety of shows.

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TM Is Set To Launch Its LTE Service: Branded As TMgo, Coming Soon To Kedah and Melaka

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It is no secret that TM has LTE capability under its wings and that very capability has existed even before the company announced its purchase of P1 4G. Now, it seems like TM is finally ready to offer its LTE network to consumers via a new service called TMgo.

According to TMgo’s official website which was briefly accessible earlier today before it was sealed off, the company is planning to offer the service in Pendang, Kedah and Melaka Tengah, Melaka. This revelation coincides with the report that TM has been testing LTE in Kedah last year.

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TM Launches HyppMe Communication App

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HyppMe Launch

Telekom Malaysia has launched its own communications app for Android and iOS. Called HyppMe, the app allows the regular instant messaging functions while throwing in some extra features that are relatively uncommon. The instant messaging space is growing more crowded, and it will be interesting to see if TM will be able to pry users away from the competition.

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No World Cup 2014 On HyppTV: RTM Channels To Be Blacked Out During Matches

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RTM Black Out On HyppTV

For the longest time, we have been wondering if TM’s HyppTV will be broadcasting matches from the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014. After all, the IPTV service does offer plenty of football contents such as UEFA Champions League, and English Premier League (via collaboration with Astro). Well, TM has finally answered our question recently and…unfortunately, it turns out that the answer is no.

Not even through RTM Free-To-Air (FTA) channels that are also shown on HyppTV. So, whenever a World Cup 2014 match takes place on RTM’s TV 1 or TV 2, these channels will be blacked out on HyppTV.

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[Opinion] In Defence Of Malaysia’s “Slow” Internet

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I complain about the state of Malaysia’s internet like the rest of you. I have experienced the golden pastures of Korea and Japan, clocking ridiculous speeds in coffee shops and seeing that Speedtest needle redline like a a drift car attacking a course. I have experienced the time where not even an instagram picture would load while my phone proudly reported H+ with a smug satisfaction, like it wasn’t just H, it was better than that.

But when people were sharing this article from a daily that based on a study conducted by Ookla (of fame) proclaimed Malaysia to have, on average, slower (therefore worse) internet than neighbours Vietnam & Cambodia, even my jaded eyebrow was raised.

Today I rise to the defence of our internet. The numbers don’t tell the full story and lead us on a roundabout journey of self loathing and MCMC complaints when in fact, we are not doing so badly at all. The number at the end of a speedtest is not the be all and end all, being able to take the test in more places anywhere in the country, is.

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TM Acquires 57% Of P1, Will Deliver IP-Based Communication Services Through LTE

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TM P1 Partnership

As expected, TM and P1 will be collaborating together to deliver new communications services in Malaysia. Apparently, this partnership will be involving IP-based services via LTE. SK Telecom of Korea is also part of this partnership.

Puan Chan Cheong, the Group of CEO of Green Packet Berhad (P1′s parent company) in his speech has mentioned that this is an “investment agreement” which further confirmed the rumour that we have been hearing for quite sometime

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TM To Sign A Milestone Agreement With Wireless Industry Players, Said To Benefit Consumers

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TM's Media Invite, 26 March 2014

In just few hours’ time, Telekom Malaysia (TM) is expected to announce a collaboration with a number of unnamed parties in what the company has  described as a “milestone agreement”. While these so-called industry players were not directly named inside the media invite that arrived into our inbox yesterday, it was stated that these parties are actually involved in wireless technologies.

Sparking our curiosity even further, TM has also said that this new collaboration will offer huge benefits not only to the industry but also Malaysian consumers in general. As TM is traditionally more known among consumers for its landlines and wired Internet services, this should be an interesting collaboration.

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TM Offers To Upgrade Your UniFi Speed For Free…But With A Catch

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TM’s The Best Ever Hypp-Normous Deal

Frequent viewers of HyppTV on UniFi might have heard of this particular promo before but for those who are not aware of it, TM is now offering free package upgrade to 10 or 20 Mbps UniFi customers out there under a promo called “The Best Ever Hypp-Normous Deal”. By package upgrade, what TM meant is that 5 Mbps customers is able to enjoy 10 Mbps package without any changes to their current monthly fee.

Same goes for 10 Mbps package which will be bumped to 20 Mbps speed under this promotion. But of course, there is a catch: one need to subscribe to either HyppTV Megapack or HyppTV Sports Pack (which costs RM 50 per month) before 31 March in order to obtain the free speed upgrade. There is also another separate set of promotion for Streamyx customers under the deal, as shown in the table below:

TM’s The Best Ever Hypp-Normous Deal

In all honesty, it is not a mind breaking deal but still, it seems like an interesting proposition for UniFi customers that are already enjoying premium channels and sports package on HyppTV. Nevertheless, make sure to read and understand the promotion’s T&C in it’s entirely before you make your decision. To learn more about TM’s “The Best Ever Hypp-Normous Deal”, check out

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Much-Rumoured P1 M&A Edges Closer to Reality as DiGi and TM Wait in the Wings

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Long rumoured to be a merger and acquisition (M&A) target, Packet One Networks  (P1) looks ready to finalize a possible deal. The Star reports that necessary legal documents have already been drafted by advisers, with DiGi Telecommunications and Telekom Malaysia (TM) supposedly contenders for the company, which owns valuable 4G spectrum.

Article continues after the jump.

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Celcom and DiGi To Tap Into TM’s Fibre Infrastructure To Meet Increasing Demand From Consumers

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Celcom, DiGi and TM Next-Gen Backhaul Services Signing Ceremony

Two of the country’s biggest telco, Celcom and DiGi today have signed a long-term deal with TM to utilize the company’s backhaul network which is called  TM Next-Gen Backhaul Services. Through this deal, both telcos will be leasing bandwidth from TM who delivered it through their fibre infrastructure in order to help Celcom and DiGi cater to the ever increasing demand from consumers.

Specifically, TM Next-Gen Backhaul Services will be responsible in delivering bandwidth connectivity to aggregation and access sites that are jointly owned by Celcom and DiGi throughout Peninsular Malaysia which covers the distance of 3000 to 3500 km. Both telcos pointed out that this new deal is a continuation of the existing collaboration that they signed in 2011 to jointly roll out more than 10000km of fibre network nationwide.

Said to be in effect for more than 10 years, the first phase of this new collaboration between the three companies will apparently take place from 2014 to 2016. Second phase of the collaboration will follow suit right after that which will involves the deployment of additional sites across Peninsular Malaysia.

For Celcom and DiGi, this deal is not only about meeting the increasing demand from consumers  in a cost-effective manner for both companies but also to help them increase the quality of their services across the border including data and voice. That sounds really promising indeed especially of recent complaints from consumers and MCMC but to be frank, I believe we will only able to see the effectiveness of this deal once the actual work is implemented.

At the same time, the Group CEO of TM, Tan Sri Zamzamzairani have stated that their existing consumer services such as Unifi and Streamyx will not be affected by this new deal between the three companies as TM’s infrastructure have the ample capacity for future expansion and increased demand from customers.

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Weekly News Roundup – Lumia 1520 & HTC One Max Special!

by Lucas Lau · 8 months ago · 1 Comment · 61 views

Apologies for the late release! This week on the Weekly News Roundup, we take a look at the 2 new phablets on the market from first-time phablet makers Nokia and HTC! Also we discuss the fines on local telcos as well as the Government’s HSBB plans for 2020!

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