MCMC Announces Spectrum Reallocation: Affects Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, and U Mobile

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Originally announced by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak under the revised Budget 2016 last week, the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has finally shed some light on the upcoming spectrum reallocation that will be done through bidding process. It apparently will be affecting spectrum in the 900MHz and 1,800MHz bands as well as involving four major telcos.

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TM Doubles The Upload Speed For UniFi Advance Customers, Up To 20 Mbps

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UniFi Advance Plan Personal Upload Speed for February 2016

As you might know, one of the major differences between TM’s UniFi Advance Plans that were launched last year as compared to the original UniFi VIP plans are their asymmetrical nature. While many customers seemed to be fine with the higher 30 and 50 Mbps download speed on the new plans, some criticized the plans’ 5 and 10 Mbps upload speed although TM has justified the move by stating that most of its UniFi customers don’t fully utilized their upload speed.

However, it seems like TM has budged in to the criticism by quietly increasing the upload speed as discovered on the “Get It Now” section of the official website for UniFi Advance Plan Personal.

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Celcom To Offer Fixed Broadband Service Soon, Riding On TM’s HSBB Infrastructure

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Celcom Logo

In addition to its domestic roaming deal with TM for the upcoming P1 mobile services, Celcom has also unveiled its plan to offer its own fixed broadband services. This service will be utilizing TM’s High Speed Broadband infrastructure – similar in nature as per Maxis Fibre.

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Free iFlix Subscription Is Now Available For UniFi Home Customers (UPDATED)

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iflix For TM UniFi Subscribers

UPDATE (29/12, 12:32PM): Confirmed – the 1-year free subscription of iflix is now officially available to all UniFi home customers. Read more for details.

In what can be deemed as a landmark partnership between the two companies, TM have announced earlier this month that UniFi home customers will be able to enjoy 1-year worth of subscriptions to iflix for free. After some delays, such customers are now able to enjoy the subscriptions right away according to iflix Malaysia.

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TM Officially Signs HSBB 2 and SUBB Deals Worth RM 3.4 Billion

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Telekom Malaysia (TM) today has officially announced two major broadband deals that it has signed with the Government of Malaysia in the form of the High Speed Broadband Project Phase 2 (HSBB 2) and Sub-Urban Broadband Project (SUBB). Both of these projects will take place over the next 10 years and worth in total of RM 3.4 billion.

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TM UniFi and Streamyx Customers To Receive Free iflix Subscription For One Year

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TM iflix Collaboration Announcement

As per our report yesterday, TM and iflix today have announced their brand new partnership which is rather unique in nature. The result of the new cooperation between the two companies will soon enable TM’s UniFi and Streamyx home customers to enjoy free iflix video on demand service for one year.

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TM To Announce Collaboration with iflix

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iflix Hands On 02

Thanks to a media invite that has just landed in our inbox, it has come to our attention that Telekom Malaysia (TM) will be announcing its collaboration with iflix this week. As the announcement will only take place tomorrow, details regarding the collaboration are rather scarce at the moment but we were made to understand that it will benefit TM’s high speed broadband customers.

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TM Unifi Closes PS4 Bundle Pre-order… And Schedules Another

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TM Unifi PS4 pre-order round 2

We’re not entirely sure what is going on with TM Unifi and its Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle deal. The broadband provider open pre-orders for the bundle at 3pm on Tuesday, but appears to have replaced the page with another countdown.

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TM Opens Pre-order For Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4

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TM Star Wars PS4 Preorder Live

Telekom Malaysia has opened pre-orders for the Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 on its site. The offer is only open to all Unifi Advance subscribers, although it looks like people are welcome to sign up for a Unifi connection to qualify for the offer.

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TM Unifi To Open Pre-orders For… The Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle?

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TM Unifi Star Wars PS4 Pre-order

Unifi will be opening pre-orders for a rather unusual bundle in December. It look like the broadband company has entered into a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment to sell the Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundle.

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TM’s UniFi Advance 30Mbps Goes Official, Promo Price Starts At RM 179

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All New UniFi

Despite being available for consumers since few months ago, it is only today that TM is officially launching its UniFi 30Mbps and 50Mbps packages. As per our previous report, these new plans are officially called UniFi Advance Plan and interestingly, TM is now offering these packages with slightly discounted promotional prices.

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TM Teases Something On 15 October

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TM Unifi 15 Oct

Telekom Malaysia has something to say about smartphones, but is not saying much about it. The telco posted a cryptic Tweet saying that “The smartphone unlike any other needs a broadband unlike any other. Everything changes a day earlier.” The fact that the date listed is a day before the iPhone 6S launches in Malaysia could be a clue.

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