Microsoft To Drop Nokia Brand From Phones

by Nicklaus Law · 22 hours ago · 10 Comments · 1.5k views

Hands On Nokia Lumia 930 28

After rumours of Microsoft ridding of the Nokia branding on its phones, it seems that Microsoft has finally spoken out and the rumours were indeed true. Through subtle hints such as being redirected to Microsoft owned sites after entering some official Nokia sites, Microsoft has said that their mobile phones will be rebranded as Microsoft Lumia from now on.

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Original Apple-1 Computer Sold At Auction For US$750,000

by Nicklaus Law · 23 hours ago · No Comments · 740 views

apple 1 pic 2

It should come as no surprise that Apple products command premium price points, what with the new 27-inch iMac with Retina 5k display selling at a base price of US$2,499 (RM8,186.35) — one Macintosh, however, managed to fetch a whopping US750,000 (RM2,456,887.50) and no, it wasn’t a limited or special variation of an iMac or Macbook but rather an Apple-1 computer.

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Windows Updates Bricks USB Devices Using Counterfeit Microchips

by Farhan · 24 hours ago · No Comments · 1.9k views


A recent Windows driver update has been causing issues with USB devices around the world as it appears to be bricking devices using a certain counterfeit chip. The problem surrounds a line of USB-to-Serial microchips made by FTDI, which are one of the most common chips used today in enthusiast and consumer electronics; or more importantly, the update finds these counterfeit chips and renders them inoperable.

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Storekini Offering Cooler Master Suppressor Gaming Keyboard for Only RM199, Comes with Freebies Worth RM99

by Huei Song · 1 day ago · 1 Comment · 925 views


Storekini is now offering the Cooler Master Suppressor gaming keyboard for only RM199 and if you purchase it now, the store will even throw in a Cooler Master Xornet Mouse and CM Storm LoL Mousepad worth RM99 for free.

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Notti, The “Smart Light” Springs Life Into Notifications Through Colourful Animation

by Nicklaus Law · 3 days ago · 1 Comment · 1.3k views


Hong Kong-based startup Witti have come up with just the right item to liven up your mobile notifications. Plus, it also acts as a pretty neat decoration to have around one’s room.

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Microsoft Slated To Launch Its Own Fitness Band In A Few Weeks

by Nicklaus Law · 4 days ago · 1 Comment · 707 views

windows watch 1

In a recent report on Forbes, Microsoft is poised launch its own wearables soon in the form of a fitness band. Microsoft’s own wearable is set to be released just in time for the holiday season, a timeline which Apple was reportedly eyeing to release its smartwatch but was delayed to 2015 instead.

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Apple Introduces Updated Mac Mini With Intel Iris Graphics And Dual Thunderbolt 2 Ports

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 1.9k views


Apple has finally announced the refresh of the Mac mini at its most recent event. Unlike the iMac with its “5K” display, the improvements aren’t as flashy, but are instead expected adjustments to the popular compact computer system. The processors have been updated to the current generation of Intel “Haswell” chips, along with the new Intel HD Graphics 5000 and Intel Iris integrated graphics options.

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Gigabyte Updates Its Lightweight Gaming Laptops With GeForce GTX 900M GPU

by Nicklaus Law · 1 week ago · 9 Comments · 1.8k views

gigabyte-p34-p35-laptop-1 Gigabyte has refreshed two of its lightweight gaming laptops, the P35X and P34W, with NVIDIA’s latest-generation mobile GPUs, the GTX 900M series. The new Maxwell-based GPU lineup offers improvements in terms of performance as well as battery life.

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The First Ever Android TV Device Is Here: Google Nexus Player, Made By ASUS

by Syefri Zulkefli · 1 week ago · 5 Comments · 2.7k views

Google Nexus Player

At Google I/O few months ago, Google shared its vision of the entertainment in the living room through Android TV. Fast forward to today, the first device to run Android TV is now here in the form of the new Google Nexus Player which is manufactured by ASUS.

It is also the third new Nexus device that were launched today by Google, together with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 which are the first batch of devices to feature the new Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Quick Look: Samsung U28D590D 28-inch 4K Monitor

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 2 Comments · 2.2k views

Samsung UHD590 (4)

Samsung’s U28D590D 4K monitor is potentially the future of desktop computing. Few other monitors are capable of competing with the 3840 x 2160 resolution. We sat down with the display for a few moments to discover if it really is worth the effort, or if the UHD resolution will end up being just another fad.

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New Li-lon Batteries That Charge Up To 70 Percent in Two Minutes, Lifespan Of 20 Years

by Nicklaus Law · 1 week ago · 15 Comments · 4.3k views


battery 1

A team of researchers at Nanyang Technology University in Singapore have developed a lithium-ion battery that is capable of recharging a charge of 70 percent in just two minutes, which compared to the commercially available batteries today, is blazing fast to say the least. And to top it off, the battery has a lifespan of 20 years.

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Samsung Has Created A WiFi Network Five Times Faster Than Regular WiFi

by Farhan · 1 week ago · 3 Comments · 1.6k views


Samsung has announced that is has made a breakthrough in the development of 60GHz WiFi technology, which it says will provide data transfer speeds of up to 4.6Gbps. This would theoretically mean that information would be moving across the network faster than most HDDs are capable of writing the data to disk. According to the Korean company, the new technology will allow for better streaming of high definition video between devices.

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