Swedish Politicians Compete In Starcraft II Tournament Before Elections

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The past weekend saw political party members in Sweden square off in a tournament known a Politikerstarcraft. Created in 2010 by Jonathan Rieder Lundkvist, who was a member of the Pirate Party, it was originally intended to be a fun distraction from the usual boring news about politics. However, the party that won the tournament in 2010 also ended up winning the election.

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[Opinion] The Age of Too much DLC

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Saints Row DLC

One of my fondest gaming memories was playing Total Annihilation back in 1997. It was a time when Cavedog Entertainment provided new units to use every month; free of charge. These new units weren’t all that game-changing either; just nice additions to the already massive arsenal that few other games have managed to provide. Things have changed a lot since then.

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Electronic Art’s MOBA Dawngate Goes Into Open Beta

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It feels like everyone is getting on the MOBA bandwagon. While Dota 2 and League of Legends are currently ruling the roost, EA has opened their own take on the genre for open beta. Called Dawngate, it provides several changes to the regular formula. Whether these changes will be enough to gain a foothold in the market, but it is worth a try.

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World Of Tanks Planning New Game Modes For 2014; Allows Clans To Construct Bases

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World of Tanks

Wargaming.net is planning several additional game modes for World of Tanks, including allowing players to re-enact historical battles. The most intriguing of these new modes happens to be the ability for clans to build bases which produce additional economic bonuses and can be attacked by other clans. Wargaming also saw fit to include the ability to construct static defenses (like minefields and pillboxes) to assist in the defence of these bases.

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World Of Tanks April Fool’s Prank Is Not A Joke! Feel All The Feels!

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World of Tanks has taken the April Fool’s Day joke to Google levels. Instead of only teasing players with a game mode that would sound cool but impractical, they have created an entire game mode for fans to enjoy for the next four days. Pilot a free premium tank known as Karl in an arena that should look very familiar.

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You Will Not Believe What Game Blizzard Is Making Next! Click To See The Heartbreaking News!

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Blizzard has announced details about their upcoming game, Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished. Unlike previous games, Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished will be a traditional fighting game. However, Blizzard is quick to point out in the FAQ that they have experience in making these kinds of games.

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DLC Transformers Dikeluarkan Untuk Titanfall

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Titanfall memenuhi keperluan peminat permainan video untuk menembak musuh dari robot gergasi. Satu DLC yang akan datang membuka pintu untuk pemain untuk berjuang bersama Optimus Prime, pemimpin Autobots.

IGN menunjukkan trailer untuk DLC baru yang disebabkan keluar pada hari ini dalam Origin. Video permainan menunjukkan Optimus Prime berjuang bersama pemain. Oleh itu respawn Hiburan Telah termasuk pilihan berlawan jarak dekat dengan memasukkan kapak tenaga .

Lagu tambahan oleh Linkin Park, “Prime Time,” juga disertai dalam DLC tersebut

[Sumber: IGN]

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Heroes Of The Storm: Technical Alpha Preview

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Heroes of the Storm heroes

As part of the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls launch event, members of the media were invited to try Blizzard’s upcoming multiplayer brawler, Heroes of the Storm (HotS). Naturally, I was extremely sceptical about this particular game; and I wasn’t the only one to express some concern about what we were about to see. It was fortunate that this happened to be a preview of a game from a company that likes to take its time building a proper game, because Heroes of the Storm turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Expansion Delayed

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DICE has decided to delay the impending launch of the first Battlefield 4 expansion until some time in early April. The expansion was supposed to pay homage to Battlefield 2142′s Titan mode, and feature maps involving storming opposing naval vessels. The reason for this move appears to be technical issues which make a buggy game even worse.

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Razer Announces World Of Tanks Themed Mouse And Gaming Mat

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Razer will be introducing a World of Tanks themed Death Adder mouse and Goliathus mouse mat. The peripheral maker is no stranger to pairing with popular games as they have also put out a League of Legends themed Naga Hex and Star Wars: The Old Republic keyboard.

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Microsoft To Renew Focus On PC Gaming

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 02

Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft is working towards a “renewed focus on Windows and PC gaming”. The statement was in response to a question about Valve’s move into the living room with SteamOS and Steam Machines.

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Documentary About Pro-Gaming Now Free To Watch On Youtube, iTunes, and Steam

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Free to Play

Free to Play is a documentary focusing on three pro-gamers as they compete for a million dollar prize at the Dota 2 International Tournament; and it is now completely free for anyone to watch. Produced by Valve, the show lasts a little over an hour and provides a look behind the scenes at what goes on behind one of the world’s largest eSports tournaments.

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