Xiaomi Redmi Note LTE Coming to International Markets at End-2014

by Pang Tun Yau · 3 weeks ago · 4 Comments · 2.7k views

Redmi Note LTE Official

Xiaomi’s updated Redmi Note, which now supports 4G LTE connectivity, has just been announced. Unfortunately, it is only compatible with China Mobile’s TDD-LTE network, which is not supported anywhere else in the world. Xiaomi has reached out to us with more information about the availability of the new phablet for international markets.

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Xiaomi CEO Teases New LTE-Enabled Redmi Note, Coming Tomorrow

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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has just posted something pretty interesting on his Weibo account: a teaser poster for a new Redmi Note smartphone.

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There Are Various Xiaomi Mi 4 Variants, Including an LTE Model for International Markets

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Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone, the highly-anticipated Mi 4, has just been announced. Featuring top-tier specs while still maintaining the same price tag as its previous flagship, some will consider the Mi 4 to be the true 2014 flagship killer – a term coined by another Chinese smartphone company, OnePlus.

However, there has been some confusion about the Mi 4′s LTE capabilities. This being a device made in China, many consider the Mi 4′s LTE radios to not be compatible with the LTE bands outside of China. We spoke to a Xiaomi rep earlier to clarify the matter.

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Jolla Expands into Asia, Starting with India

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 month ago · 1 Comment · 525 views


Finnish smartphone startups Jolla is expanding into the Asian market. The company has just announced that it will be arriving soon to India, where the Jolla smartphone will be exclusively available at India’s largest e-commerce marketplace,

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Sony Mobile Officially Announces the Xperia C3, the “World’s Best Selfie Smartphone”

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Sony Mobile has officially taken the wraps off its latest smartphone, the Xperia C3. Just as rumoured earlier this morning, Sony has dubbed the Xperia C3 the “world’s best selfie smartphone”, featuring a 5MP wide-angle camera with LED flash.

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Senheng Offers the Xiaomi Mi 3, Available for Pre-Order Today

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 6 Comments · 5k views


Senheng announced that it will be offering the Xiaomi Mi 3, starting from today. The highly sought-after smartphone, which has consistently sold out within minutes of its release, is available for pre-order Senheng starting from today.

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Google I/O 2014: Android Wear Takes Centrestage, LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Available Today

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 2 Comments · 642 views


At Google’s I/O developer conference this year, the company has revealed more about its latest platform built just for wearables: Android Wear. Signalling a huge push for wearables from Google, the company has shown off more details about the platform’s UI and its stunning integration with Android as well as the Android TV platform.

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Xiaomi Malaysia Unveils Prices of Redmi 1S and Redmi Note, From RM419

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Just as promised, Xiaomi Malaysia has unveiled the retail price for its next products coming to Malaysia, the Redmi 1S and the Redmi Note. These two devices will be coming to the country in July, and will retail from RM419.

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First Look: Hands On With The BlackBerry Z3

by Lucas Lau · 2 months ago · 4 Comments · 2.6k views

BlackBerry haven’t been having the greatest last 12 months, losing their CEO and BB10 not getting the reception they had hoped. With John Chen taking the helm things have finally come with some semblance of stability and in one of the most pessimistic headlines ever from their Q4 earnings, BlackBerry didn’t lose AS MUCH as we thought.

The BlackBerry Z3 is the first of the new family of BB10 devices that BlackBerry are releasing. Codenamed Jakarta, the Z3 has already been in the wild for a month or 2, making its debut in Indonesia and drawing smatterings of praise from the people who were fortunate to get their hands on one. We managed to get our hands on a Z3 ahead of its local launch today and we are pretty impressed with what we found. Rome wasn’t built in a day, BlackBerry won’t be rebuilt in one either. This is a wonderful start to the FY15 set of devices and a great value proposition for its price.

More after the jump

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BlackBerry Unveils The Z3 – Rebuilding An Empire From The Bottom Up

by Lucas Lau · 2 months ago · 6 Comments · 2k views

BlackBerry Z3-16

Today after a 9 month long quiet period on the device front (since the Z30 in Malaysia), BlackBerry have announced the arrival of the Z3 to Malaysian shores. While released earlier this May in Indonesia, the BlackBerry Z3 is only now making its way over here but to the BlackBerry faithful, it couldn’t be sooner. The BlackBerry Z3 is the first of the new FY15 devices from the leaked slide we’ve seen earlier last week and while it’s priced moderately, the finish and internals are anything but.

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This is the Next Xiaomi Product Coming to Malaysia

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 5 Comments · 10k views


Some of you may already know it, but Xiaomi Malaysia is ready to bring in its next devices to Malaysia. The company has hinted before that the Redmi 1S is coming to Malaysia, and it has now announced that the Redmi Note is following hot on the Redmi 1S’ heels.

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Facebook Goes Down For The Count Getting “Fixed As Soon As They Can”

by Lucas Lau · 2 months ago · No Comments · 949 views

FB Down

UPDATE 1645hrs: And We’re Back Up!

UPDATE 1627hrs: And it’s back down again…

UPDATE 1624hrs: Facebook is back up, but content is slow to refresh

Much to the dismay of most of Malaysia (one of the world’s most connected nation in relation to average Facebook friends), visitors to Facebook have noticed that instead of a feed filled with food and baby pictures, they were met with this notice. For the moment Facebook continues to be inaccessible and productivity across the country has increased, well of course until everyone gets on twitter and instagram.

Is Facebook up for anyone or is it a complete outage?

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