Nokia 6, 5, and 3 To Be Launched In Malaysia On 30 May

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  • Terryble

    if only Nokia is willing to make an Android phone earlier….

  • one plus

    heh, a china phone

    • Mathew Hon Jun Yoon

      and probably has better quality then your “western phone”

    • Dark_Knight

      Do remind where the majority of smartphone are manufactured again ?

      • one plus

        let me guess, you must be smart enough say Iphone is a china phone/

        • Aizad Nik

          yea, technically one plus and iPhone also manufactured in CHINA.

          so ?

          • Kenneth Tan

            And OnePlus is a Chinese company

          • one plus

            LMAO. smart.

      • one plus

        if they manufacturing it in malaysia doesnt make it a malaysia phone ffs.

  • Ikd DKi

    After a quick Google search, all 3 Nokia phones are using entry level SOCs…
    DOA. I can why they have to launch early.
    If not, no one is left to buy them..

  • Paulo Ferreira

    Overpriced,delayed,and now there are news about cuttings specs in Europe and America…what a sad comeback…

  • Janson

    If they do come to here, i am expecting a stock android launcher just like Google Pixel. Like that i will consider buying cuz the real Pixel is too deep for my pocket >.<

  • What a irony.. good lesson. we must change with time adopt to the trend

    Poineer of smartphone is dead due to resistance to change.. I wish them a healthy welcome. hope lot of people buy them .. give them a chance to come back to market again… I am pretty happy with motorola G series for their hardware. since Lenovo going to break it .. I am keen what Nokia has to offer. Once a brand known for build !

  • iphonesux

    too bad the spec too low

  • Jitendra Soni

    nice one..more of a opinion rather than a review but valid points…totally agree with them. Nokia couldve taken the market by storm if they had pushed a powerful device at a decent budget. A sub par processor killed it here. Even now in India they are bringing the device good 2 months after the launch and that too with flash sales http://gadgetscanner.in/registrations-for-nokia-6-live-on-amazon-india/