MWC 2017: The Legend Is Back – The New Nokia 3310 Is Here

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  1. Invalid says:

    1month standby time..haha

  2. Shaun Pillai says:

    Can cause earthquakes or not?

  3. lj0000 says:

    not android meh?

    1. kzm says:

      it is feature phone or dumb-phone if put Android become smartphone already..

      1. David Lee says:

        Thing is, back in 2000, Symbian is considered to be smartphone OS.

        1. kzm says:

          smartphone of the era..

        2. Abu.Salimah says:

          Not all Symbian were considered smartOS. The old s30 n s40 (iirc) were feature phone OS. S60 and beyond were considered smartOS (by those days’ standards)

  4. Shounak Ghosh says:

    But the OS looks like its Symbian. Is it really Symbian?

    1. David Lee says:

      Series 30 Bro. Should be Symbian.

  5. Abu.Salimah says:

    Ugly… Was expecting more from them, design wise.

  6. Zhi Hong Gan says:

    The best features of 3310 is NOT HERE.
    This is not a Brick Phone that can be use for self defence.

    Nokia, once again show the world how “dumb” they are.
    and i cant brain why 3310 is the “Last Part” of the show……..

    1. kzm says:

      I’m pretty sure brick phone moniker commonly used for those Motorola handset because they are big n chunky not Nokia 3310

  7. vercingetorix says:

    This works great as Emergency/Standby phone

  8. user99999 says:


  9. Shyuan says:

    Definitely getting one as a secondary phone 😛

  10. Francis Sigg says:

    It’s only 2G. No good for Australia Network.

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