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UniFi Lite Plan Is Real: Leaked Leaflet Reveals Its RM149 Monthly Fee and More

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  • eclectice

    A grammar mistake right there… “Since the leaflet stated that customers that subscriber the new…”

  • forextor

    Lol that price!… I guess I am keeping my maxis 10mbps broadband which is at rm118.

    • karwaidotnet

      wuttt…how u get that???

      • forextor

        Old promotional plan, Google “maxis 10mbps rm118”

    • Kong King

      Me currently on 50mbps for RM179/month heuhuehue

      • Sim Gennie

        219 with GST
        includes the English combo TV package

        • Kong King


      • ZyD

        RM139 exlcuded GST for me..huehue

        • Kong King

          How comeee

          • ZyD

            Try and Buy customer..Plus free upgrade campaign..;-)

          • Kong King

            Lucky uuuu!

  • klcc1

    this is not lite anymore.

  • Nicholas Joseph

    I want it but i dont think i can get it.

    • Daikon Ryusa

      I want it, but I won’t get it for that price.

  • R3d_Eyes

    So, where is the promise? Lower broadband price?

    Anything promised by government with “We will lower the price (tax etc.)… just forget it!

    • Sim Gennie

      Lower broadband price can mean so many things! Lower $$ per MB for example (with their plan upgrade). Also, TM has been clear in the previous statements that cheaper does not equate to lower price. It can be better value. Also if I am a TM share holder I will never let TM allow Unifi to eat into Streamyx market. Uniti is supposed to be higher end product as compared to Streamyx. setting the price to close to Streamyx is a no no no no!

      • Skywax9016

        Currently, customers are paying these price for TM products :
        Streamyx =======================
        1Mbps – RM110/mth = RM110/Mbps
        1Mbps – RM68/mth = RM68/Mbps

        2Mbps – RM130/mth = RM65/Mbps
        2Mbps – RM78/mth = RM39/Mbps

        4Mbps – RM140/mth = RM35/Mbps
        4Mbps – RM88/mth = RM22/Mbps

        8Mbps – RM160/mth = RM20/Mbps
        8Mbps – RM140/mth = RM17.5/Mbps

        Unifi =======================
        30Mbps – RM199/mth = RM6.33/Mbps
        30Mbps – RM179/mth = RM5.97/Mbps

        50Mbps – RM229/mth = RM4.58/Mbps
        50Mbps – RM179/mth = RM3.58/Mbps

        100Mbps – RM299/mth = RM2.99/Mbps
        100Mbps – RM229/mth = RM2.29/Mbps

        • Skywax9016

          What we would like/hope from a new TM budget package are :
          Streamyx ===================
          2Mbps – RM68/mth = RM34/Mbps
          4Mbps – RM78/mth = RM20/Mbps
          8Mbps – RM88/mth = RM11/Mbps

          Unifi Lite ===================
          10Mbps – RM108/mth = RM10.8/Mbps
          14Mbps – RM128/mth = RM9.14/Mbps
          18Mbps – RM148/mth = RM8.2/Mbps

          • EH

            If this happens, Cows will start Flying…

          • Skywax9016

            Then let us hope that cows start flying soon. 😀

        • voon

          mana GST!

          • Skywax9016

            GST menurunkan harga!

        • user99999

          based n the price, streamyx seems to be the higher end. fuck TM. my mom still paying rm79 for 512kbps streamyx. grrr…

          • Skywax9016

            Yeah, I really really hope that TM streamlines their price for Streamyx. And since there is already Unifi for the high end, all Streamyx services should be below RM100 in my opinion.

  • Hunter

    So much for the promise of ‘cheaper broadband prices’… we were all taken for a ride by TM. This RM149 aint ‘lite’.. imo. Its just a placeholder to psychologically push people to go for the more ‘better value’ RM179 package…

  • ZeroHunter

    Mana Streamyx user free upgrade?

  • EH

    For rm10 cheaper, Maxis would be the better choice. 10 Up 10 Down

  • Jerome Pagadala

    Yes I got my upgrade also late last year from VIP 5 to VIP10 at same cost even before govt announcement. Upload and download also 10mbps

  • Nicholas Cheong

    I dread the day when I have to move out from my condo with Time’s 100mbps connection (for only RM149/month) and relocate to a landed property and have no other choice but to subscribe to TM’s 10mbps connection for the same price.

    • Chin Huat

      Time 100mbps RM129 for loyal customers

  • muhammad udzir

    pakai prepaid digi lah wei

  • AL

    Digi Infinite 150 FTW!

    Worse i get using my Digi Infinite is 12Mbps Download/8Mbps upload.. still better then this UNIFI 10Mbps download/5Mbps Upload =P

    Best i get from Digi Infinite 150 is 30Mbps Download/14Mbps Upload hehe

    Well.. i dont know in the future it will stay true or not.. if everyone start using Digi Infinite and all =_=’


    • gl7

      sorry but no, am using infinite 150, but since this week, the speed get slow to less than 1mbps at night prime time.
      cable especially fiber will always the best choice for high speed internet.

  • Daniel Morgan

    HypTv is very shitty bcoz too mch advertising eating people’s time..i boycott any product that advertise on hypTV ..also most ads are very silly and cheap..one mint balls adv shows the bear in the zoo trying to work as a pimp…i think the adv director is a pimp himself. .

  • lolipopo

    Welp… upgrade cancelled!

  • Andrew Wong Ti Seng

    Checked with tmpoint it’s only for rural areas and those without high speed access and not opened to all. Load of crap!!

  • kemethai

    remember 600min call time