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Celcom, Maxis, Digi and U Mobile Teases Samsung Galaxy S8, Pre-Order Starts on 11 April 2017

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  • jesicaloo

    Its good to hear that samsung is going to launch its new samsung S8, however the price is too pricey, its hard for a normal student like me to afford it. How to buy such an expensive phone? but i like S8 because it has good function!

    • Kathy

      Maybe u can try out the EasyPhone package from Celcom? They provide u an installment plan to purchase S8.

      • Jasmine Laura

        At the end, you realized u pay even more than the rpp.

        • Yuma

          Hmm, it’s an installment plan. Installment used to charge interest, but it allow u to get the item first and pay later. Btw, this plan no upfront required. Easier for users that cannot afford to own latest smart phone.

      • Abigail Hailey Tay

        which telco that offers installments for S8 besides Celcom? obviously with an interesting deal 🙂 im seriously on tight budget but need a new phone so why not go for the one with a very good spec but via installment ,that would be great. wouldn’t mind to stick to the 1/2yrs contract….

    • jesicaloo

      Thank your for the opinion shared. I think the perception of paying by installment is good or bad is actually depends on the people, some may think that it worth the price but some would think that it costs more. It depends on situation such as the ability to pay. I personally will go for installment plan and easyphone is an attractive choice.

  • jesicaloo

    I was surprised that samsung come out such amazing phone, i hope that there are some telco can offer best price for us to purchase it.

    • Kassie Lim

      Well I know quite a few of telco are giving you cheaper price for you to purchase S8, though, u will have to bind with their contract which will last for at least 1 year.

      • jaynce twj

        yalo, actually i think pay by a lump sum and buy the whole phone is more cheaper if u think properly in a long term. Paying by installment in long term is actually not that worth .

        • FinneganLouis

          Hmm I actually think the other way round. I believe paying by installment is better as u can eventually use ur money for better investment purpose or so on.

          • jesicaloo

            hmm, actually i have the same thought with you also. Paying by installment could reduce financial burden and i dont need to go through complicated procedure,

  • joeykoay90

    I really have no idea why samsung phone that launched lately becomes so expensiveeeee, its out of the ability of average people to purchase ady. The rececnt S8 has the price almost same as iphone.

    • Jasmine Laura

      because of the boom boom features.
      Nah, jz kidding… As you know technology evolved. Hence, better features = higher cost. As easy as that.

  • Jasmine Laura

    At the end, Celcom offer the most expensive installment plan.
    Digi is the winner, get 43% off once sign up with their bundle.

    • FinneganLouis

      But I believe Celcom is the only one that offers installment plan right? Others might be in lower price, but not in installment basis right?