Xiaomi Malaysia Teases 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank & Mi Band 1S

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  1. Skywax9016 says:

    It would be more awesome if they would also bring the Xiaomi Mibox / Xiaomi Mi TV with localization here. 😀

    1. cl_lim says:

      A big yes for Mi TV!

    2. Emimarson says:

      This is too good to be true.

      I will run neked in Lowyat Plaza if they bring in.

      1. Skywax9016 says:

        Hahaha, although the intention is good (maybe?), please refrain yourself from doing it. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see you neked, at least in a public area. You may however, run neked all around the inside of your house preferably when nobody is home. 🙂

  2. mitotsu says:

    price for the 20000mah powerbank & mi band pulse revealed on the website.

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