[Update: 2016 Plans!] The Complete List of Postpaid Plans in Malaysia and What they Offer – Celcom, Maxis, DiGi and U Mobile

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  1. zamri says:

    Those are the public-aware plan. They also have corporate plan that were hidden jewels. Like mine, I’m subscribe to Celcom P98 (no-commitment plan). My commitment actually only Rm2 SMS Pack which gave me 10sen/min to all telco, 2sen/same telco sms and 10sen/other telco sms. However data not included, so need to subscribe separately (standard Celcom data plan of 300Mb, or 1Gb, or …)

    1. azlan says:

      yes, check also celcom 1 malaysia mnp package….rm1 for 1000min call

      1. Huei Song says:

        Wow that sounds like a super good deal! Do you mind giving me a link to the promotion please? I can’t seem to find it

    2. mohammad nazmy jalaluddin says:

      DiGi also have plan no commitment fees. I’m currently on Ambassador Plan. 12sen/min all network. Every month got rm50 worth of calls/sms on-net. If want to data, have to add-on 1GB, 3GB or 5GB and its unlimited. After reach quota only throttle down speed.

    3. alexchu says:

      i am also using this plan + rm68 commitment get 10gb all day data.

  2. zzzxtreme says:

    all these plans cannot match umobile prepaid UMI48 plan

  3. Nicholas Joseph says:

    So what should i get? Maxis surfmore i
    or stay with digi?

    I consume 2gb of data on digi within 1 week. 2gb of data goes for RM45. My phone bill is unusually large because i buy data at 45 everyweek. But i’m not locked to a contract. Does Maxis lock you into a contract? I didn’t see that in the article.

    1. Jeff But Not Ah Wang says:

      You get to choose whether you want a contract line or not.

    2. Huei Song says:

      Sorry for not mentioning about contract in the post. All these plans do not come with a contract, contract applies only when you sign up for a phone bundle from the telco.

      As for your usage, if you have good coverage for Maxis, SurfMore75 sounds good with 5GB of data at RM75, or you can also pick Celcom’s mPro Plus plan – 5GB of data at RM88/month that comes with 60mins free calls and 60 free SMS.

    3. Josephine says:

      Hi there Nicholas! I think our local service providers had given quite a great deal for users. So, if you want to sign up for the contract but unsure which telco is the best for you, then you can refer to this link: http://goo.gl/BmRJOZ

  4. DonScratchy says:

    Great article. Good info.

    Anyway, I’ve been on U28 for about half a year now. It’s a good, cheap postpaid plan especially for students who use mostly data. Calls are expensive of course but there are other alternatives that can be used (like Viber).

    Only problem is that I can’t get LTE on my iPhone.. Oh well.. Their 3G is pretty fast though so it’s not all bad.

    1. Telco says:

      strongly agree…..never experience drop call, unclear line from umobile….
      Compare to digy and maxix giving rubbish service…

      1. Quintesson says:

        I beg to differ, i just switched to umobile about 2 mths ago from digi and i experienced drop call, line not clear and weak/no internet signal in Putrajaya, Publika & Damansara areas. Mind you these are hot areas in klang valley not ulu. Now i wanted to switch back to digi. Really dissapointed with all the hype of theirs services quality ad.

    2. Dominic Xavier says:

      yup, as a student, u mobile is really doing a good job as the plan is affordable!!!!
      The coverage is also getting WIDER!!! soon will be able to take down other telco plans

  5. nara says:

    there is also celcom smart plan which is u pay rm68 = 3GB+60 minutes call n sms or pay rm88 = 5GB+60 minutes call..additionl quot rm15 = 1GB

    1. Huei Song says:

      Thanks for informing! I totally forgot about the Celcom First Data plans for smartphones. Just added that in, thanks again Nara!

  6. nara says:

    using UMI rm28 = 1GB+50minutes calll to all network+30 sms+unlimited after quota finished (prepaid)..much more affordable than U28 (bil)..

    1. zamir yusof says:

      I just converted to U28 few weeks before they announce 1GB data for UMI28. Before this I’m using UMI48 since my monthly data usage is around 800-900MB per month. If only I know they want to upgrade their UMI28 offering I’ll not going for the postpaid plan.

  7. pringles says:

    DiGi LTE in KK & JB

    1. Telco says:

      wow very larrrggeeeeeeeeeeeeee coverage

  8. Dylon says:

    This page seem to be bias.. Since the page also got Digi logo on it.
    DiGi internet speed suck. Now switching to RedOne Postpaid and it’s cheap..

    1. YWL says:

      redone backbone is celcom and it is far more better than digi in term of internet speed.

  9. Zeeshan Ali says:

    The plans are not updated here, for update plans we can check http://www.imoney.my/mobile-plan-comparison

  10. rosdi says:

    This page sums up all Celcom plans in one page in what Celcom could not do in their entire website.

    1. มานะ ปิติ says:

      Most are either calling the net.

    2. James Spader says:

      Can’t agree more! CELCOM has the most hopeless marketing writer in the world. I have tried to subscribe to CELCOM last time, but i couldn’t understand what are they triying to sell me with weird naming pre-paid postpaid which beats around the bush in their website trying to look intelligent. I have to say DIGI has the best website in telling people what their plan is.

      1. Sam Teck says:

        I think not just celcom, Digi is good too by giving customer to enjoy 1 year of iFlix for free and there are also extra benefits such as unlimited WeChat and WhatsApp!!!

  11. SodaQ says:

    For me, having Smartphone with dual simcard is most economical.. you can easily mix and match plans..
    I use 1st simcard:- UMobile U28 for internet and SMS.
    Then 2nd simcard:- Prepaid for calls (celcom + pay one time RM50 so that the credit will not expire for two years)
    Usually I can keep my phone cost around RM30 to RM40 per month.

    1. kzm says:

      im oso do same thing
      1st sim – postpaid for call+sms rm30 (old plan) + spotify rm10
      2nd – data 4gb+4gb rm68

  12. Vincent Yap says:

    maxis surfrmore package no more add on data 5GB at RM50

    1. Huei Song says:

      Thanks for informing! Fixed it 😀

  13. Telco says:

    i wonder any joker still using digi and maxis…..get out from the cave please

    1. kzm says:

      i still use..im using old postpaid plan…

    2. hoho says:

      Im using Maxis postpaid, planning to change to Digi 1M prepaid
      Mind to tell me why I’m in a cave?

    3. James Spader says:

      MAXIS is still the best with the best internet speed and coverage. Recently ported out from Maxis and now on CELCOM new RM38 plan (can’t remember name). In price and value, CELCOM is better. But if money not an issue and you simply must have the best, MAXIS it is.

      1. najibr says:

        Idk whether you have tried to use maxis line in rural area but my experience is totally different. I’ve tried both Celcom/Tunetalk and Maxis line at my sister’s house in Sendayan, Seremban, Gemencheh, NS and my mom home in Bukit Kangkar, Muar. Maxis like is so shitty inside the house but Celcom was excellent.

      2. ApisCrew says:

        Maxis is the worst compared to celcom, digi.


  14. eclectice says:

    How about Altel?

    1. Huei Song says:

      This post covers only postpaid plans. You can find out more about Altel in our announcement post 😉


  15. GraaZeemon says:

    Hey there, there’s a mistake for DiGi SmartPlan 148.

    The quota split is 3GB + 3GB not 3+2 as stated there.

    1. Huei Song says:

      Thank you so much for informing us! Can’t believe we missed that error for months! Fixed it and thanks again! 🙂

  16. CS says:

    “DiGi iPhone Plans, available for iPhone bundles only.”

    For those of you may not know yet, old iDigi (iDigi 88..etc) users (aka previous iPhone 5 users) can choose to switch to new iDigi plans upon (2-years) contract expired, at no additional cost and no contract-binding.

  17. TyroneS says:

    update or not,i see no improvement and running backward in some point.
    last trip on taiwan,you just need to pay RM70 with 6month contract only then you could enjoy 4G unlimited data,
    for student package they have around RM60 per month with 10GB *exceed 10gb speed became 10mbps *you’re listen it right,faster than unifi vip5/10 with cheaper alot price*
    cmon,it’s enough with those 10years never change plan…
    Fine,it’s taiwan not malaysia,if i dun like,pm might tell me go taiwan la then.
    back to malaysia then,
    Maxis old surfmore unlimited compared today’s Limited data?
    Digi old smart plan with 3GB unlimited with no such thing call apps data limited?
    Celcom,what did they changed?
    umobile used to offer cheapest with high volume data usage but now?
    others i’m so powerless to mention,tunetalk became a mlm system network provider,some other keep changing name when they have hit their target and make new network and repeating the same without a stable/limited service.
    *TMnut no need to mention at all since they monopoly whole game,
    1 of the advance country at asia still using bloody expensive but slow network,
    beside these not to mention bout most SEA server base on our neighbor Singapore only but thailand get quicker+cheaper internet than malaysia?
    fck me pls*

    1. Edison Keong says:

      Bersyukur 😛

    2. fieznur says:

      Paid RM43 in Vietnam to get unlimited data the whole month.

  18. Pertzs says:

    Great info.maybe u guys can sums up offers for prepaid also..including new telco like altel and clixster. Not to forget tune talk and redone.

    1. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

      redONE plans good enough for me, except they don’t use/subscribe to (or whatever) Celcom’s LTE…I was told by an agent (a colleague of mine actually) that they would only have LTE when the technology is mature enough…sigh…

  19. Jasmine Alison Sia says:

    Great job. Maybe in future incl the young players like Tunetalk and RedOne

  20. InfoO2 says:

    Umobile seems…. wasn’t cheap anymore…. celcom ftw now lol, waiting umobile for the come back

  21. vault_dweller says:

    WTF? am i reading a word document with track change ON?

    create another updated post for god sake.

  22. vez says:

    good catch… Maxshit is reversing their business profit, everyone else giving cheaper data plan but Maxshit is doing the other way…

  23. Gong Xi Fa Chaii says:

    Theres a maxis 500MB data top up for rm 5. You just need to find it.

  24. YWL says:

    i missed celcom basic RM38..ORZ

  25. blurman2000 says:

    From the Celcom summary,
    “That compromises of a 4GB internet quota, 4GB Celcom WiFi and 4GB mobile data (1GB/weekend).”

    Shouldn’t it be comprises???


  26. Aizat Rizz says:

    digi rm120 1month 20gb

  27. Aizat Rizz says:

    digi RM120 1months 20gb data
    free 1000 minutes call

  28. Lee Kam Wah says:

    DIGI: What happens when I exceed my monthly Mobile Internet Quota? Will I be charged for extra usage?
    No, you will not be charged extra when you exceed your monthly Mobile Internet Quota. Your data service will be RESTRICTED until the next billing cycle. However, you may continue browsing via Opera Mini, or you can opt for Postpaid Internet Quota Top-Up to continue surfing the Internet at regular speed, subject to the relevant terms and conditions.

  29. Aminuel says:

    for me, Malaysia have Expensive internet plan.. suck it.. -_-

    1. keat says:

      agree, totally agree and add on with the speed we get!

      1. ZaiZaiRyu says:

        not only then that, expensive and slow data. sometime even laggg…

  30. Unknown says:

    Before, I was a Mashit user for almost 20 years, until today Maxis is still on 3G in my area. Loyalties get nothing in return. And, yeah wider coverage, maybe, on 3G network.
    Now, I’m a very happy user of DiGi with more data yet paying less. Been DiGi user for 3 month, now my area is getting 4G network.

    1. keat says:

      you are correct. my plan to move out of maxis too

  31. Yeo Soon Yew Patrick says:

    I am wondering why you guys keep comparing who offer the best oe cheapest. You have to take into consideration on the coverage. Paying the cheapest does not guarentee you have the best coverage in malaysia.

  32. Paklan says:

    Just porting to Celcom from Umobile. Better be hurry coz promotion will end on 31 March.

  33. Foong says:

    The Digi new SmartPlan 75 unlimited SMS for 3 Digi friends only but not all

    “This plan comes with a monthly commitment fee of RM75, which comes with 7GB of Internet as well as unlimited calls and SMS.”

  34. carnby77 says:

    Maxis as usual…arrogant fellows….so expensive!!

  35. Nicaragua says:

    S7 come out, if maxis still short, im porting

  36. kimm says:

    M on celcom 1st plan..Can anyone share? between celcom n digi..whose internet speed is faster ?

  37. Paklan says:

    Think Celcom is way much better.

  38. Simkad onexox says:

    Info yang berguna

  39. zamans98 says:

    and yet all these rubbish companies cannot provide sufficient, cheap packages.
    2gb /month crap? Normal surfing can finish 1gb a day.
    Keep reading operator not making money, but when annouce they makes few hundred million net profit per year. Digi is public listed, so its available info on Bursa Malaysia.

    3 more years to 2020 and yet we have expensive, crappy packages, dropped calls.

  40. DioneC says:

    Currently which plan are the most recommended to go for?
    In the sense of affordable rates with satisfied amounts of data.
    I have been struggling in choosing a new plan.

    1. Norisa Hani says:

      Umobil 70? but mind you that, only take this plan if your area have good coverage.
      Otherwise, good luck :))

      1. DioneC says:

        Just about to port out because of the coverage lol.
        Any other recommendation?

    2. Melody Ill says:

      Celcom gold? acceptable rate with good amount of data.
      10gb + unlimited call only for rm80? but check the coverage 1st before decide to take the plan.

      1. DioneC says:

        First Gold promo only last until end of May no?
        Now it’s already June. Guess not available anymore.

        1. Melody Ill says:

          It’s extended to end of June. I am think that isn’t because of the plan are high demand? Can’t think of any other reasons that they will extend a plan for twice.

          1. DioneC says:

            Sounds great to me, final chance for me to subscribe this Gold.
            At last, I still manage to get Gold. haha

  41. Paddy Lam says:

    i just changed Maxis i value RM100 ( 1gb) to RM98. Can get 5GB data. Just becoz of i’m still under contract …i’m still thinking which Telco i should change to after end of my contract.

    1. Melody Ill says:

      rm98 a month for only 5gb? Hmm, when is your contract end?
      If is before end of June, I would suggest you Celcom First Gold.
      Since rm80 for 10gb , unlimited call & sms to all network.

  42. mick chan says:

    Celcom now comes out the very good plan. i like the RM45 package coz i didn’t use call so often!

    1. DioneC says:

      I was also looking forward to take this plan because of affordable, but at the moment, Gold also extended till end of June. So, I think I will just pass blue and take gold. Since gold offer unlimited calls and more data.

  43. michell tan yinn tze says:

    Nowadays there is so many plan that out by different service provider.This is great and fit all the differents users.Some is heavy data user while some is high caller users

  44. mtyt says:

    I am celcom user before,so far I use is quite ok for the plan.But 1 thing is the data line is quite slow.Example when I in Langkawi,the data couldnt use at all

    1. Melody Ill says:

      Hmm, that’s strange. Because Langkawi is strong with the 3G networks and some of the area are actually cover with 4G networks. Have you try to report this issue with Celcom customer line? I am worry that you are on their death spot area.

  45. shetak Ng says:

    Celcom has a good plan but it does not provide data sharing between family like how Maxis did. Maxis main line can open another supplementary line for RM48/month for 5GB which might bring more benefits to those come with big group of family members.

    1. Melody Ill says:

      Hmm, my thought was different from you.
      Let’s say, you subscribe rm128 for 10gb then add on 3 sub line for rm48 5gb per person. Which mean you are paying rm272 for 25gb monthly. Why not just sign up another 2 more first gold plan for rm240 for 30gb data?
      Some times, sub line is kind of troublesome because only the holder can make changes to the plan. Anyway it’s just my 2cent, it may not applies to the majority.

  46. nyikinyali says:

    Though I don’t see myself using a postpaid plan in the foreseeable future, I would definitely go with Celcom First Gold. The only reason I switched to the yellow dude for now is because of my budget.

    Celcom’s coverage is awesome enough, as it covers my Negeri Sembilan kampung with full bars in comparison to the other telco providers, making it easier for me to keep in touch with friends AND the fact that I can carry forward my unused data are definitely pluses. And also, I like music. While Yonder Music have its flaws, the fact that it wouldn’t eat up my data when I use it means sweet music goodness!

    So, yeah. If I have it my way, I’m looking at you, First Gold.

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